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Sometimes, I find it really fun to say something stupid and see how many people will actually think I'm serious.
It's great.
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#free twist
I think the retard is the one assuming that these people (Most of whom he's played with before) are not his friends.
#free twist
Retard? So wanting to play with friends and have fun instead of caring about the money means you are retarded? Ok man.
#free twist
Why would you give him shit for that lmao? Yeah fuck him for doing it for fun and not for the money. Why can't he be a sellout like all other pros
It's Windigo's best map and a map that NTC have only played once. Inferno and Train will probably be a lot more competitive.
-olof -rain +shox +s1mple
-A support player and an entry fragger for -A lurker and an awper Bad logic, bad bait.
shox stupid
Ok. I'm will waiting for you to get back to me on that analyst.
shox stupid
That literally has nothing to do with what I'm saying. I find it funny that you're ignoring my point. Because you and I both know you won't find any real analyst that agrees with you, only HLTV expert...
shox stupid
Again, let me know when you find anyone on the scene or any analyst who would actually agree with your points. I'll wait.
shox stupid
Let me put it this way. Find me any real analyst (Not some HLTV "expert") who will say that Gambit did not get worse losing Zeus. You probably won't find anyone on the scene who will say ex6 is a bad ...
shox stupid
You will never win an argument just looking at stats and nothing else. Especially not on a CS topic.
shox stupid
????????????? The only tier 1 tournament they performed at after the major was Dreamhack Malmo, and that was the tournament where a lot of teams had just switched rosters and had no practice. They man...
shox stupid
>Every IGL need to frag now >Zeus winning the major less than a year ago Pick one.
Because they're the only team consistently showing up right now. You can't crown another team as #1 because they perform at 1 tournament but go out in groups at another.
shox Ex6TenZ SmithZz AMaNek Devoduvek
Shox could. Amanek is really solid at awping as well
Why FPL?
Bigger prize pool in FPL now