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Singularity vs Swole Patrol
Rogue literally were at the major. They were an MDL team. Ding dong, your opinion is wrong.
Astralis vs FaZe
Last time Faze beat Astralis was at IEM Chicago
cant stop thinking about her
shes got a dick Miss me with that gay shit
NaVi vs faZe maps
Faze would literally never pick Inferno in this match lmao
NaVi vs faZe maps
Lots of teams have perma bans lmao Faze and Astralis always banned Cobble MiBR and C9 always ban Nuke Navi bans Cache, previously it was Nuke but they play that now Almost every team has a map they tr...
kick olofmeister
Really old bait
They've been together for a few weeks lol Even if they're going to terrible, you can't look at their results on little practice, in only online games, and make a judgement on the team lmao
Swole Patrol vs
But they won
faze fans come here
Really bad bait
C9 draken
NA team with a majority Swedish roster Dead team indeed
Old Guys Club vs TeamOne
Mate they were struggling against open teams every other week. For the names they had on their team, struggling against open shitters is a huge fucking failure
steam account price?
Level 12 with only a few decent games and a bunch of free ones You won't get more than like $15-$20 for it.
G2 ScreaM Confirmed
That's a really terrible bait. If you're being serious, you're an idiot. Astralis still a top team. Faze at the time winning events without dropping maps. SK still an insanely strong team. Even North ...
G2 ScreaM Confirmed
Are you just ignoring half of 2017 where they were consistently a top 3 team?