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people use this bait every player break lol
That was one of the lamest intimidation attempts I've ever seen lol
How to carry bots on esea
Or I can post and point out how you're a stereotypical shitter. No one gets defensive about being called shit unless they're insecure about it. And considering you're posting these for attention so pe...
How to carry bots on esea
You still seem to think anyone here cares about your esea games
How to carry bots on esea
>Throwing random insults on the internet >"I'm not trying" >Calling others bots when he performs just as bad in other games CS shitter confirmed
How to carry bots on esea
lmao yeah your the first person to claim "i wasnt trying" when you get shit on
How to carry bots on esea
But yet you don't look at it like that for them You do bad: You win some you lose some They do bad: Bots
How to carry bots on esea
Yeah how do you carry bots like this guy Also who tf uses esea still lol
If you've ever wondered why Navi is constantly the joke of the community, it's fans like you that a huge reason why
899 comments Nt, I'm not new, it's clearly a bought account lmao People who buy accounts are literally the only people who care whatsoever about user id
>get shown how stupid you are >Blame it on bait Yeah you're the first person to try that one lol
Thanks for showing how braindead you are
You didn't ask a question lmao
Pretending account age means anything on a website where everyone has like 10 accounts Stop being a braindead follower