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shox is by far the greatest French player so far and will be included in the top 5 for the next top 20 of the decade list. top 1 cs:s player top 6ish csgo player the only bad change he made was bring...
lol da malo pre si ih kanalio pobedili su Avangar i vec imas kao nade hahah propali francuzi propao kenny ubedljivo najgora godina kantera za njega propao shox od kog sam ja bolji igl propali bodyy k...
not blaming ex6 lol i didnt phrase myself correctly i was bashing kenny saying that he was worse than ex6 close to the end of g2 which is literally insane considering their roles
lucky or jackz would have to support, it was never their main role but im sure they'd do better than bodyy
mr 1v9 was worse than ex6 in previous g2
support is the one sacrificing for the team, kenny isnt a support just because he is flashing for the entry on execs ( bc he is awp ) The support will anchor, go in first thru smoke and just be the ba...
Ex6tenz haters
Dude they lost to fucking Forze and had a rought time beating #216 team in the world. Yes a fluke map they didnt win vs astralis and beating new mouz etc >>>>>> current g2 by a fucking mile what the f...
Fired from his own org lol
Ex6tenz haters
Well you included exceptions when they lost to bad teams due to obvious reason so im allowed to include the times they beat good teams on flukes due to benefitial reasons for g2?????? I meant that sh...
G2 still needs Ex6TenZ
i am aware of that, still bodyy lucky af and he doesnt deserve to be in the roster
Ex6tenz haters
they beat Mouse in a bo3 , Navi and Faze ( in bo3 once ) numerous times though, the majority of their run they were top 10ish and would beat the teams you mentioned, when they started losing agasint c...
Ex6tenz haters
ex6 was outfragging kenny before the roster decided to disband, at summit too. Mid- late g2 he was better than kenny considering their roles and he also had to micro manage more in the begining so a s...
Ex6tenz haters
wow ur going to t1 user in my book bc of this comment solely. I might give you a <70 id acc for free