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Estonians higher IQ
I'll reply to you tommorow about this as ive got to go now and i'd like to post a worthwhile lenghty read on this topic for you to realize god, for which i dont have the time for right now. Good night
Estonians higher IQ
no i don't believe that book. I know that there has to be a creator and thats it. Who said that Christ was the one?
Estonians higher IQ
2 scenarios youre either really dumb for actually thinking in that ignorant manner and generalizing 9 million people youre really dumb anyway for posting up such a weak bait
Estonians higher IQ
stop baiting and go do something productive with your life
Estonians higher IQ
that there indeed is a creator. low-mid iq people- believe in god blindly mid-high tier iq- have come to atheism by questioning and logic, but mostly arent capable to come to the conclusion that he ex...
believing in god is smart
Estonians higher IQ
For people with such a high iq you'd argue that most of them wouldnt be blinded by where they come from as they would be the ones to question god the most. The smarter you are, by average you are more...
Estonians higher IQ
Estonians higher IQ
G2 100% fix
Im confident that any fpl c player is better than smithzz
And Shox
G2 on inferno
astralis so lucky rn
thats SK in 2017
+1 but it should be clear to Hobbit and Adren if they were to come into NaVi that they would be doing the supporting for S1mple and Electronic.
gla1ve ????
m4 > ak when youre T side and ak > m4 when youre CT side tbh it just feels nice to switch it up