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Invited to gay marriage
-very good friend -not seen him in 5 years choose 1
Dutch girls vs German girls
this doesnt make your shit any less cringy xd
r8 jerman girl
what the fuck is wrong with you, shes maybe average if we're being generous
Dutch girls vs German girls
considering 50% of the german population isn't even german.. your argument is inherently pointless
Dutch girls vs German girls
you are a literal cringe machine lmao
R8 Hot Girl
if you post traps at least make it a trap that looks good. people literally looking like men in a dress are very niche
she’s hot?
only skin and bones, ultra shitty outfit the fuck? why do you guys want to touch bones so bad
Tall girls are not sexy
nah im just kidding. tall girls are just manlier than petite ones, but you do you xd
Tall girls are not sexy
no. beta cucks like tall girls, flag checks out mate
[18+] r8 this ADULT girl
her face is a bit fucked up, what is that edit: nevermind, dear god. looking good for a midget though, gotta give it to her
dick size, shoes size and height
if you sincerely thought 18cm "isnt that big" you are either completely out of your fucking mind or your porn consumption took over your grasp of reality
The Witcher 2/10
i do agree, they chose horrible actors and actresses (except geralt, hes doing a fantastic job imo), but overall it's still a good show. decent acting, good music and atmosphere. if youre not braindea...
Trans girl, changed my documents, ama
nice, let us see an updated pic when you ready
The Witcher
funny how nowadays you cant criticise shitty casting for a show without being labeled racist lmao the mere fact that this show has "SOCIAL JUSTICE" and "GENDER STUDIES" written all over it is what ma...
Eat ass? Come here
my man, how do you think people have anal sex? you think anybody sticks their dick in a pile of shit? you clean it with enema