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"awp not op"
well utility is not the biggest counter to an AWP, a smart IGL will win against any dumb IGL. AWP isn't really even a factor because both teams have it. in pugs it's just easier for CT's to camp in a ...
"awp not op"
the cs world doesn't consist out of noobs and pro players, there is a world in between that consisting of subpar to good teams. that's the real target of this game. maybe valve just didn't consider ...
"AWP isn't op"
For reference in league of legends garen is OP in bronze but nobody plays him in plat. the game is balanced around good teams. pug kiddies can't fathom that this is a teamgame and yes in your loca...
coL +jw +magisk
new retirement team yay!
best JW play
a lot sicker frags than JW but JW is a lot more accomplished player than zywoo thanks to god pronax among others.
heatoN back to NiP ez fix katka
karrigan is the problem
FaZe management is the problem. the idea of engineering a superteam is bankrupt. good teams grow organically from the ground up. karrigan is not a bad player. he's over his peak probably yes.
mr12 discussion
no more time-outs. it's aids. if you lose you lose no mental resets it completely breaks the flow of a game. only one time-out maybe when swapping sides. maybe introduce new maps if watching 45 min ...
imagine being so insecure you basically call anybody that doesn't share your taste a retard good music is good music, no matter the tag, no matter the idiot fanboys like you.
Weeb hate?
very insecure OP lolo just watch what you want to watch allweebsmustdie