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18 year old faze die-hard fan. I love rain, kioShiMa, ropz and tarik. hyskeee top lv
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I guess ur age
so close. Actually 18 and a half
I guess ur age
5 no 2500 dick
I will rate your nickname!
i love faze team, especially rain, but i hate the ones who get easily butthurt because rain misses a shot
cheating pros atm
dont tell anyone
cheating pros atm
stop troll be serious becuz hax and vac can make their 5-10k hours of CSGO and other CS Games completely wasted :/
cheating pros atm
many bois
cheating pros atm
at the time emilio probably was t2, but sf and kqly was t1 so i dont know what are you memeing about
cheating pros atm
I have to say that i was desperate about my future of competitive csgo when i discovered Dan M videos. I thought everyone was cheating, but after a while, because of playing, i got the same wierd (sus...
Cloud9 got robbed
What do you mean? He called admins for abort and they are on a different teamspeak channel.
FORTNITE (how do i get better)
you know that there is no aim accuracy it is just pure reaction speed and muscle memory? All the hours wasted on spray control or learning how to spray in this game could have been wasted on how to bu...
Cloud9 got robbed
his game crashed and he went into teamspeak to call the abort. If C9 didnt decide to restart the round then the game would have been much closer, but faze still would have won because you have to be d...
-RAIN +S1mple
why should anyone go, when everyone is beast and guardian proved himself at the major and karrigan had the best k/d vs north just recently. Rain and Niko are arguably the best players in the world and...
Explain this russian starladder
yes indeed