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Serbia v Switzerland
I feel like overall we (I know I'm not part of the team -.-) played better, but by the rules you should've probably been allocated a penalty, which would've probably led to Serbia winning or a draw. N...
your zoom_sensitivity
400 DPI 1.4 sens, 1.3 zoom
Thank you!
Although I'm not a fan of baiting I'll give you a 6/8.
Your reply does not make any sense. In post #36 you told me that I need to capitalize the first letter of a pro's nickname if said nickname is placed at the beginning of the sentence, yet you yourself...
Alright, then what about post #24? You typed "n0thing is not retired." instead of "N0thing is not retired." And as I have pointed out in the bit of text I've edited into my previous post (#35), in po...
Okay, I acted a bit too hasty there, that's my bad, I take that one back. Still, I don't understand why you would go around correcting others for their spelling as clearly you understand what the impl...
*Why are you cheering for that trash. Don‘t go around correcting others when you can‘t back it up.
Why not? He seems to be a mature player, and if he can perform on LAN I don't see a problem, unless the team in question would play in leagues with age restrictions.
Your top 5 support players
1. KRIMZ 2. Xyp9x 3. gla1ve 4. RUSH 5. TACO
Messi>Ronaldo proofs
Both are great players.
How did you know CS?
I bought CS:S in 2014 (yes, 2014) if I remember correctly, because of some textures required in Garry's Mod, which I was playing a lot at the time. I then played Source, but only for about 50 hours. A...
top 20 players atm
IMO: But the scene's kinda messy, so it could probably be more accurate. 1. s1mple 2. device 3. NiKo 4. electroNic 5. KRIMZ 6. dupreeh 7. Magisk 8. coldzera 9. NAF 10. GuardiaN 11. EliGE 12. oskar 13...
cs go alt tab fix
I'm wondering why Windows has such annoying features enabled by default though, who knows what else could impact games performances :/
cs go alt tab fix
Haha dude I love you <3 EDIT: Yes it did indeed work :DD