Age: 17
Gender: Male

Hello everyone! I'm an HLTV user who likes to talk about Counter-Strike, anime, philosophical questions, etc.

I respect those who respect me, and usually I don't insult anyone. I'm always open for a discussion, regardless of what topic is concerned.

I think it's pretty unfortunate how this forum is a metropole for trolls and edgelords. HLTV does a great job at keeping up with events, and their stats are reliable, so my wish would be that people stopped creating "bait" threads, and instead just tried to express their and respect others opinions, so as to make this forum even better.

Anyways, on the other hand I really appreciate the users with whom I can have an actual discussion, no matter the topic. If you too are a user who enjoys some real talk or discussions about various topics, feel free to talk to me. You can PM me aswell if you feel like it.

[Potentially more to come]

Thanks for visiting my profile~!
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G2 Fans and Haters, come here!
Thank you brother. :)
G2 Fans and Haters, come here!
Haha same. I disagree with how they've been managing their team lately, but I'm still cheering for them, as long as they have kennyS.
+1 Definitely my favorite movie.
Is mouz tier 1?
I'd say they're low tier 1, the rest of the top 5 is tier 1 with some differences, and I'd say Astralis are tier 0. Well, I guess it just sounds cool, but I do think that Astralis have transcended the...
0.9... = 1 proof
Ah okay, well I guess the second part is unnecessary anyways, regardless of whether it was right or not, since the problem at hand has already been solved with the first proof.
0.9... = 1 proof
That's sad.
0.9... = 1 proof
Well yeah, because 9.(9) (=10x) - 0.(9) (=x) = 9 = 9x. I don't see the problem.
0.9... = 1 proof
How so?
favourite number?
Ex6tenz haters
Ex6tenz haters
+1 Agree. Ex6TenZ' calling may not have been brilliant, but he's got better stats than SmithZz, similar to bodyy's while being a better caller than shox. I feel like they'd be much better off if they ...
At this rate I'll be the best Swiss talent in a couple of years... DMG btw, but deserve for Global!11!!1.
Reply needs to have actual content
Probably, he has been playing FPL for quite some time now, it'd be hard to get by there if he didn't have at least some basic knownledge of English.
[NO LYING] What is your IQ?
The last time I did one (about a year ago), my result was "equal to or greater than 129". Whatever kind of deviation that statement might allow for is something I'm unaware of unfortunately.