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kennyS vs tyloo
Maybe he'll be a bit more comfortable playing again as the tournament goes on. But it is clear that he doesn't fit this team, and they don't fit him.
What if G2 & KennyS...
+1, but I think this is the best chance for Kenny to prove his worth again. Yes, he's probably not fully integrated into the system, but it's LAN. If he performs as poorly as he did when he was benche...
games that made u cry
+1 for DDLC, read #136.
games that made u cry
+1, though it was more so after I had finished. and reconsidered the story. There‘s also a mobile game called Alter Ego which made me cry because of the existential dread it conveyed and the emotiona...
kennyS is using black bars again
I think it might be easier to focus on the center of your screen when using black bars. Could obviously just be a placebo, but I played with black bars for five years because I preferred it over stret...
games u r good at
Haha yes I do, seeing Tartarus dethroned after over a year by three demons in one week was so incredibly satisfying to watch. I'm particularly excited for what I would call the upcoming big three - Et...
kenny schrub
You don't even know OP to be a plastic fan, you've just made this assumption because he's a fan of two of the best players to have ever played - which, btw, there's nothing wrong with that. If anythin...
games u r good at
Not that good at CS:GO, did get to LE. Same goes for Valorant, nothing too special as I don‘t play that often. I‘m alright at Geometry Dash, I have around 60 demons and could definitely beat some insa...
you as a pro
draken - I hit good flicks and miss easy shots with the AWP. My rifle is inconsistent, to say the least.
Self reflection is the first step for a better self, glad that you finally admit it. :)
Everyone can have a bad day, don't be ashamed of it! :)
It's okay, you don't need to cry. :)
There there, don't cry. :)
Shhh, don‘t cry, it‘s okay. :)