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explain nickname
Well, it has to do with my real name, and so a friend of mine decided that he'd call me "Imo". But he didn't stop there, once he just randomly began singing Imodeodedeooooooooooooooooooimodeode with a...
Fortnite poor mans game
As a guy who owns both (I bought PUBG first), I can say that both games are good. Now obviously this is all subject to opinion, but saying that a game is "for kids" is just nonsense. Of course there a...
Honestly would've enjoyed seeing him play in the lineup suggested by shox. There may have been better options, but I though that it was a really interesting lineup, despite it not being a "superteam".
tier1 users
What's your definition of a tier 1 user? Does it depend on how many posts one has or the quality of each post?
Need anime to watch
I don't exactly know what kind of genres of anime you watch, but I'll tell you some that maybe you could like either way: -Death Note -Code Geass -Attack on Titan -Tokyo Ghoul -Elfen Lied -Mirai Nikk...
Need anime to watch
Top 10 players of all time (CS:GO)
This is pretty though... 1. flusha 2. GeT_RiGhT 3. olofmeister 4. coldzera 5. shox 6. kennyS 7. device 8. snax 9. GuardiaN 10. f0rest
GOLDEN: "I stay."
I think the guy you replied to was saying the same thing as you.
Golden no honor
I'm pretty certain that this thread is a bait, but just in case: The autosniper is a gun of which the effectivity heavily depends on the situation. There was not the slightest thing wrong with buying ...
Racist and Religions
Am I racist? -Well, let's just say that I do not intentionally discriminate people for having a different skin color, so I'd say no. Do i believe in any religion? -No, I don't. Do I respect religiou...
4th French shuffle
Could happen, but I don’t think that these moves are beneficial for some of these teams.
Guess my nationality!
Bot suNny
Who knows... maybe some of them know it's a bait, but decide to argue anyways, either to trigger people like you and me who cannot understand the reason as to why anyone would reply to an obvious bait...
Best country to be born?
I'd like to think so, but maybe I'm being biased. :D
Can You Solve This
74. The pattern of the second digit is 6-8-4-2, it repeats itself. The second number which contains a 6, which is 86, is the first number (36) +50. Same for the 8, 58 = 08 +50.