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Forum posts
Brollan is on a similar level, but I agree that mantuu is sick.
Finally someone I can agree with. They've switched places multiple times this year already.
Well yeah I don't think he was being serious either, nexa seems like a really chill guy. I was probably reading into it too much.
I feel like this tweet may indeed be indicative of that, banter or not I feel like NiKo wouldn't take to this kindheartedly and it seems unreasonable from nexa to screw up his relationship with a pote...
Proof that your from your country
Biased as it may seem I'd like to think that way too. Right now I don't feel the desire to live anywhere else, though there are plenty of other countries I'd consider, mainly the nordic countries, The...
NIKO G2= COLDZERA??????????
Cold won't ever return to the Brazilian scene, Furia could be an exception.
16:1 or 16:14
16:1 is worse, it means you were shit. 16:14 there was good competition.
your dream job?
I'd like to work in a scientific research team as a physicist. EDIT: Some sort of YouTuber might be fun too.
Throin truth about Fallen
No, he said it's the talent that does that, meaning casters, analysts, etc..
woxic's tweet
I personally hope it's C9, I don't want him to waste away in a shitty FaZe team until they find a semi-permanent solution to their IGLing problem.
Faze 5 0-2's in a row
I hardly ever saw them as a team that could sustain a stay at the top, but I guess it depends on how you look at it. I don't think they'll ever win a major or have the success they want to have if thi...
Faze 5 0-2's in a row
YOU are the one who needs to understand something: They have NiKo as an IGL, meaning tht they will never, never, NEVER be a top contender. As long as he IGLs it isn't happening.