Age: 17
Gender: Male

Hello everyone! I'm an HLTV user who likes to talk about Counter-Strike, anime, philosophical questions, etc.

I respect those who respect me, and usually I don't insult anyone. I'm always open for a discussion, regardless of what topic is concerned.

I think it's pretty unfortunate how this forum is a metropole for trolls and edgelords. HLTV does a great job at keeping up with events, and their stats are reliable, so my wish would be that people stopped creating "bait" threads, and instead just tried to express their and respect others opinions, so as to make this forum even better.

Anyways, on the other hand I really appreciate the users with whom I can have an actual discussion, no matter the topic. If you too are a user who enjoys some real talk or discussions about various topics, feel free to talk to me. You can PM me aswell if you feel like it.

[Potentially more to come]

Thanks for visiting my profile~!
Forum posts
best smell in the world
Gummybears *-*
mwheelup vs mwheeldown
I have binded both for jumping, but to be honest I only use mwheelup.
About "big update"
Probably an operation in my opinion. I‘d love Source 2, but right now I doubt that we‘ll ever get it. I do hope Valve can prove me wrong though.
I </3 Astralis
I know that feeling, I‘m having it right now, and had it with SK in 2016 and Fnatic in 2015. EDIT: No disrespect to Astralis though, great players and great personalities!
1k euro
+1 The only one who can know what he wants is himself.
anime haters come here
TL;DR: "As long as no harm's done to anyone by doing it, be it physically or mentally, there's nothing wrong with doing it". Wow, incredible! Apparently everyone who dislikes anime on this website is...
Is math interesting?
TL;DR: Yes! I absolutely love it (both in school and trivia), but even for me there are some less interesting subjects, for example combinatorics. I find it fascinating, because the original system o...
Do you eat pork?
Yes, I do, though not all that often. Probably less than once per week on average.
average weight
189cm 69kg
fix fnatic
True, it doesn’t seem like FaZe and mouz will last for much longer with their current issues.
fix fnatic
Hmm, well, I guess a lot of teams are going to go international. I'm just not sure if suNny would leave for fnatic. Yes, mouz has had a really poor major, but I can see them making adjustments to try ...
fix fnatic
suNny is Finnish, are you sure he's capable of speaking Swedish? And if not, do you want them to communicate in English? EDIT: I do think twist and hampus could be good pickups.
awp skin???
Indeed it is.
awp skin???
It's a bug surely, but actually I think it does look kinda neat.
Dude don't even bother, just take a look at his name. He's probably some wannabe edgy teenager who craves for attention.