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mousesports vs Virtus.pro
To be fair , Michu played well but still Mouz won :D #edit whoever said fnatic tier 1, fnatic lan team, They lost to Gambit who are currently not very strong
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
Mouz will win this , no chance for Vp. Michu played well against T2,T3 but nothing to do for him against T1
mousesports vs Astralis
Styko is support role and should be the 5 star Btw.ez 16:9 mouz :D
Liquid vs Cloud9
Oh look who is destroying TL right now ...
Liquid vs Cloud9
Lol was has my fav team to do with it???? Typical NA hahahaha Cant Argue/ has to switch topic #Edit TL vs Big on Hltv 2:4 hahahhahaha
Liquid vs Cloud9
Im Sorry but i dont see TL win against MajorChampion. They won barely to Nip who has played like -1 Maps in the last 2 Months. Not impressive tho + this is a new lineup. Ez 2:0 Cloud 9
NiP vs Liquid
Angry Liquid fanboys Hope Nip will destroy them
Sprout vs Unity
I guess its time now that they should see Krystal cant compete no matter what role he got in Team 3-22 against fucking unity?????
I guess everyone deserves a seccond chanche. Everybody is so mad about German cheaters/matchfixers but no one is mad about exIBp ( swag steel azk) e.g. Billthebot yeah was my mistake haha
mousesports vs MANS NOT HOT
Nothing is there for you
BIG vs North
Dude, winning both pistol rounds isnt luck. It does take you something to win BOTH.
BIG vs Liquid
Hahahaha i hope they‘ll proof again that they are able to compete against T1-T2
BIG vs Liquid
I agree, furthermore they played against tier 1 Teams at Pgl Krakow.( Faze Sk) Even with Bug its hard to win those games.
Sprout vs eXtatus
Since representing sprout they lost unlucky two times. They now got a coach, lets see what time brings
Valiance vs Sprout
Are they really brothers?