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I Support Trump
yes only Turkey ofc when they manipulated the western media it mus...
I Support Trump
- Numbers say the economy is definitely better than Obama's presidency.(Especially on mid class) -All American presidents will side with Israel, nothing new but withdrawing U.S troops from Northerhn ...
I Support Trump
What about nice guy Obama and his record bomb-dropping on the Africa? Trump is an ass hole but for the people who live in Africa or Middle East he is definitely better than guys like Clinton or Obama....
Kurds Turkey
Wow all of the brainwashed kids by CNN are here. YPG/PKK is a terrorist organisation and this fact was admitted even by defense sec. of Obama(before Trump's presidency) but now democrats in US are try...
Top 3 best player of all time
s1mple definitely is not there. His prime could be better than all but we are talking about overall ranking here. He has 0 major. 1-cold 2-dev1ce 3-Kenny i put cold ahead of device because when he w...
If twistzz kicked from liquid he goes to cloud 9
if Faze offer me to sign them i will accept, but hey, that's not going to be happened.
well, best days of Faze's were with karrigan. And yes, he definitely was a tier1 igl.
AVANGAR vs Astralis
I don't want Astralis to win but if Avangar wins it will be a 100% fluke. So who to support boyz?
maybe things were in that way but shox already stepped back once, he brought smithzz along with him etc etc They have done everything shox wanted but it's million dollar business and i don't think it ...
i'm basically asking the source of your information. You seem the guy who knows every shit, right?
and where did you get this information?
A$AP Rocky's lawyer shot in Stockholm
He is a swedish lawyer who has been shot. He was defending a rap star who is not muslim. There is no detail about muslims in shared article. How do you know if muslims have don it or not?
New Faze after major
he is not decent on anything. I could easily kick him for Aleksib
New Faze after major
Olof will be still in the team? lol