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NA Education
I'm in Virginia. I went to high school in Virginia in the 90's. If I remember correctly Geography wasn't a required class, but a credit class. Otherwise, you would just learn Geography naturally th...
NA Education
I took Geography in 9th grade and loved it. Out of a class of about 30-35 students only me and one other guy paid much attention. The teacher would split the class in half and make sure Josh and I w...
NA Education
Okay. Just making sure :)
NA Education
It's real. Want the source photo?
NA Education
OK, guys. You're taking this too personal. It's just a joke. I know not all of NA is stupid because of a sign typo.
NA Education
It's just a joke dude. I got a laugh out of it and thought HLTV would as well. It's a meme.
found money
I was riding a bike across the US in 2010 and while in South Dakota going through the Badlands I found four brand new $100 bills laying flat on the road. I was in the middle of nowhere all alone. I ...
I just turned the stream on and that was the first thing I saw. That was crazy.
Mosque in Hong Kong
Literal, or, exoteric; is simply the direct and surface level interpretation of something. Spiritual, or, esoteric; is the hidden meaning. Mystical; is just the overall tone and genre which somet...
I wouldn't have if I knew how to find him. But now that I do it won't happen again. I just remember really wanting to respond to him, but I couldn't remember what he said. I wanted to make sure I d...
Thanks for the tip. I didn't make the thread to tell him anything other than that I don't remember what he asked me and to contact me. You seem to have misunderstood my OP.
I'm an idiot. I don't know how to find users on HLTV. The issue is resolved, thanks. Admins can close this thread.
I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. No crying here :)
Mosque in Hong Kong
nvm, deleted. You didn't respond to me.
Mosque in Hong Kong
I'm not crying over anything. And I said I suspected, not for sure 100%. I brought it up because I want to know what Muslims think. I was asking for insight into something I'm not able to gain insi...