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I propose that a conspiracy is at work. It was report recently that Huawei is now the second largest smartphone maker and on track to overtake Samsung who has been number 1 for years. So I think som...
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
Sharks at 58% lol I love hltv.
fun mobile games (Android)
Thanks. Seems like some good ones.
Political compass test
I'm not going to go over every example but will point out a few to make my main point. If I were to point out every question/statement I take issue with I'd be writing an extremely long essay. So I ...
Political compass test
I can definitely give you many examples but as for this night I'm not going to take the time since that would mean going back through the test and then listing all examples along with a brief explanat...
Political compass test
I agree completely. Most of the questions were poorly constructed and the answers were incomplete and/or inadequate. I found many of the questions impossible to answer due to the many questions I ha...
I think they are right there on the verge of being a regular top 10 team and able to consistently challenge tier 1 teams. Granted, there two lan wins came at smaller events but they still weren't con...
50cc scoots
Buy a 150 scooter and take the 1 off the emblem :D My cousin did this for a couple years and never got caught. In the US most states don't require you have a license to travel by scooter as long as ...
Astralis most dominatn team
I think this is a reasonable statement. It would be hard to argue against them being the GOAT in CSGO if they have another year in 2019 like 2018.
Astralis most dominatn team
My feeling as well. fnatic were destroying teams so badly in 2015. The only team that consistently challenged them was TSM.
Astralis most dominatn team
I haven't crunched the numbers but I still feel like fnatic of 2015 was the most dominant. I know they won 6 tournaments in a row and were fighting for many others. Regardless, there is no doubt thi...
nord history is fake
we wuz kangs and shiet we wuz vikings and shiet
Astralis vs Liquid
How predictable. We all called it. I wish liquid success and would love to see them win lans but I'm tired of seeing them in finals.
Valiance vs Vitality
WTH happened to Happy? This needs to be investigated because Happy has been replaced by some other dude who looks nothing like him :O