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Flash Boss Statement: Match-fixing, GOTV Cheating, $0 Loan Fee, Initial Buyout and more
thank you Kanye, very cool!
faze steam group
nah you can check it yourself
not really?
How many language you know ?
german english indonesian i can read korean text and a little bit understand arabic also just starting to learn russian ( currently on a week or so)
R8 Asian Girl
physically speaking, i really really like japanese women. but for attitude i can't quite confirm since i haven't meet them in person
R8 Asian Girl
fun fact : a lot of southeast asians think that east asian's girls are the best. (e.g : japanese and koreanese girls)
R8 Asian Girl
sweet home alabama
Rip Indonesia
so many bad and good things happened in 2018 for indonesia, kinda rough at the end of the year
Energy vs Entity
subscribe to pewdiepie
Flash vs Sparta
just like poland carrying tyloo
my cat is showing dying behaviors
update : i took him to vet yesterday and they said that he can't be cured anymore, he is on the end of his time. now i will be with him until his very last moment, thanks for all the suggestions
my cat is showing dying behaviors
and what's that for?
intel HD problem
yeah me too
my cat is showing dying behaviors
im doing research online about the disease and tried to cure him on my own, but seems like its not working at all
my cat is showing dying behaviors
he was a stray cat with broken leg when i first found him, this is my first time having a cat, he is pretty old i think