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FURIA vs Cloud9
oh, you really followed my advice must be hard to be that dumb that you dont even understand the basic things of live odds absolutely nothing suspicious if you think about 1-2 things but yeah, too h...
Astralis vs North
LFMAO and you bot talking to me
Astralis vs North
yes, no search for another matchthread where you can cry like a pussy
Astralis vs North
yes i know, every match is fixed, no matter the outcome
Astralis vs North
guess you are one of those kids that cant handle betting losses and get triggered of it =)
Astralis vs North
i do believe you are a retarded idiot just cause you are one
Pros cheating
you do realize more money = more deception?
s1mple houts to reach zywoos level?
+1 but try remember a kqly flick
NiP vs Heroic
online matches, some not important vs way worse teams
flusha cheating clips
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qzR-lQr0MA can you guys tell me what happens here at 0:55? is this byalis amazing gamesense or something different?
flusha cheating clips
#87 my friend tell me please what you think about the scene, its not even about your friend flusha but probably for me the most obvious aimlock fail
flusha cheating clips
look, i dont want that there is cheating in cs i would love to know that there was never cheating before and everything was ok but thats just not how it is you have to be neutral and think neutral j...
flusha cheating clips
i reacted to #8
flusha cheating clips
as i said in another thread, flusha can be happy this community is full of naive and dumb kids who believe there is no deception
flusha cheating clips
and? glad to see people show atleast new viewers/players how fucking obvious cheating was back then