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Reflex vs LDLC
no matter if ot or not, you are a dumb fag =)
Neymar critics
not sure, as a teammate / trainer I would be ashamed of such a pussy but too many fangays sucking his balls, whatever
FaZe vs mousesports
yeah, but cromen just plays well and I guess he is by far the most motivated player out there. actually I am extremly surprised by mouz though.
FaZe vs mousesports
even in 20 years people remember this
FaZe vs mousesports
uuuuuuuh shit he completly rekts u there, damn man
even as a german I hope mexico wins this 3, 4 : 0
Valiance vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
glad you tell us everything after the match, you seem to be a great post match guru. keep it up mate
North vs Red Reserve
just a dumb retard who baits with his vetos
do you realize there were many pros who accused flusha? guess they also need to get on global? but you are just too dumb to do some research. go lick flushas balls now =)
sad bruh, very sad to see such a naive kid, but you will grow up =)
BR crowd is a meme
what do you expect from those spitting monkeys lol, of course not all of them but still. if I saw someone spitting at another player in my country i would wipe the bottom with him, but not there it se...
do you believe only the top3 player would hack? look at smn, kqly and sf. they were not bad, but they werent the best out there, you know what happend to them^^
snax and byali were cheating, whats your point?
dude, there are too many kids who believe everything. they probably also believe theres no doping in other sports ^.^
Mouz Change!!!
the last point is the most important