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German election results
never said all of them, but stats dont lie if over 50% of the immigrants since 2015 still get hartz4 and even over 70% of the syrians, its disgusting and a big problem and not a "wirtschaftswunder" u...
German election results
hoffe wird nicht gelöscht weil deutsch, ich habe gar nix gegen hartz4. nehmen wir als bsp einen familienvater (oder mutter...) welcher jahrelang gearbeitet hat und unverschuldet arbeitslos wurde. daf...
German election results
I hate our migration politics, not immigrants dude, you have zero fucking clue about merkel, just like I have zero fucking clue about your politicans merkel went from conservative to left, believe it...
German election results
LOL dont tell me anything about germany if you know nothing we need migrants who can work and are usefull, yes what did we get with merkel? over 50% of the migrants we got since 2015 get hartz4 (soci...
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
unimportant match, other ways 2.0 navi
German election results
thats what normal people think, yes here you even have protests by left and green idiots who protest and demonstrate at the airport, when mass murders and rapists are sent away
German election results
yeah, didnt mean it like that :D of course not everyone does it, but : here in germany you can rape, murder etc like you want, if you are for example from syria or afghanistan, we wont sent you out, ...
German election results
bro, merkel is far left if you see her migration politics. some years ago she said multiculturism is bad, there shouldnt be too many imigrants etc. look what she did last years now afd is the cdu fro...
AGO vs Lyngby Vikings
AGO vs Lyngby Vikings
are you retarded? why should bookies remove cs go.
Complexity vs FaZe
not sure if retarded or bad bait
Complexity vs FaZe
LOL bookies gift another 1.80 on coL here
Own projects?
I fap
LOL 2021 and so many retards still believe theres no cheating in pro scene if you really think those clips are clean you probably also still believe in santaclaus
this can change very fast and they are still one of the more hungry teams