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Flash vs EnVyUs
14:13, free money looks different I guess. but enjoy the free money shortterm, I enjoy it longterm ;)
Flash vs EnVyUs
keine 1.2~ in bo1s anpacken wäre ein anfang ;)
Flash vs EnVyUs
2k18 and there are still people being dumb enough to touch those bad odds in bo1s. hf losing everything longterm :)
still makes me sad a son of a beach like moe makes money with stealing it away from little kids :D the cs scene is propably the worst there is.
bitcoin story
oh, I hope your father is ok now
Windigo vs Red Reserve
nearly 2018 and dumb idiots like you still complain about random tier3 matches hahaha
OpTic vs mousesports
bo1 and mouz is obv the better team
Grayhound vs TyLoo
no need to be salty guys. tylul and chiefs are both shit.
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
retarded or bait?
mousesports vs EnVyUs
there was no info he can have that no other one have, so hard to understand? :-)
mousesports vs EnVyUs
which info should give mouz 71% in a bo1 which nobody besides him knows? are you retarded? :D two big teams on a pretty big lan and you think hltv / the players wouldnt post important changes / infos...
mousesports vs EnVyUs
if that guy had info... if scream is not playing... if if if if..... he didnt, so stop posting such bullshit lol conditions were clear and betting on 1.4 odds was dumb, but i understand that some hl...
mousesports vs EnVyUs
hope you didnt lose too much kid.
mousesports vs EnVyUs
i can, but kids like you will need to learn first what odds mean and especially what LONGTERM means. cs go is just random as fuck. if you pick a team like mouz for 1.3-1.4 in a bo1 like this, you wi...
mousesports vs EnVyUs
hell, you are one dumb kid.