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Positive Vibes Only vs Cloud9
guess its better to do it like that at smaller bookies gz
Positive Vibes Only vs Cloud9
yes I know they have no taxes but could you withdrawl more than 200-300 at once?
Positive Vibes Only vs Cloud9
they made the verification very hard for me and I could only cashout 200 at a time, I needed to make 25-30 withdrawls to get my money and got limite very fast
Positive Vibes Only vs Cloud9
wtf :O thought you were trolling, every bookie normaly cancels this which bookie?
Positive Vibes Only vs Cloud9
sure :)))))) show a pic little troll
Positive Vibes Only vs Cloud9
lmao imagine thinking bookies wont delete that new to betting?
Espada vs Singularity
lol i cashed out and played izako live sing would have been 300 more though
Espada vs Singularity
wttttttf rip my money why the 2 bots play instead the good lineup
Tenerife Titans vs Apeks
look last matches
Ze Pug Godz vs Triumph
you can maybe bet 1-2 euros on those odds
Ze Pug Godz vs Triumph
xD it was 5vs3 for zpg before you idiot
dbd best killer?
trapper best style but didnt play for long time nurse was op as fuck and boring
HellRaisers vs SJ
nope. lynxi & jemi fire mode ez for SJ
Dignitas vs forZe
but you cant use pinnacle from germany, its officially blocked I am pretty sure the tax office will fuck you over if you make nice profit on an "illegal" site and they wont accept that its the bookie...
Dignitas vs forZe
because its pretty much illegal and in germany the tax office is very hard sadly its better to rape a girl than keeping money from them and if you win some thousand euros you cant explain this shit :...