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finnish people come here
finlandos are deep from the ass so thats why we need our own space at bus stop
coldzera weird nVidia
yea forget to mention it but i indeed tried it without aa and fxaa :D
coldzera weird nVidia
well it makes a resolution which your screen cant use and then it squeezes it to smaller to get better image quality, but i cant see the difference between DSR or no DSR
ez olympics
Norway is really good in winter olympic games, but at the same time i think all the top countries are doping, which is shame
Coldzera delusional
In 2017, the team won 8 out of 9 grand finals on LAN. The only event they lost a grand final to was DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 where they lost to 1-2. SK placed as 1st on these: 2017...
Juliano bf
and almost everyone is using alcohol nowadays even we know the risks of it, or eating unhealthy food. it might be a dumb thing to do but it surely doesnt make you a dumb person, it makes you a person ...
Juliano bf
so Einstein was a dumb person because he smoked? didnt know that, thank you
Juliano bf
so how does smoking make you a dumb person?
it doesnt help you look any fitter than you are if you keep eating shit and not having a proper diet. only specific muscles will get used to the trajectory what push-up makes you do. so go to the gym...
top Hot girlfriend of pro players
Check out her latest photo, some hltv potato rekting her martineokleiven: Anotha one crusinmemories: Anotha one after Kenny
r8 my inventory
667 hours in total
your hair
same here but my hair is long, on the shoulders i think. but if u keep washing ur hair every day, it does get greasy every day
gym or nah?
calisthenics might keep you in some kind of shape but building up muscle needs more weight
bitcoiners come here!
well it's easy, it doesn't make any sense
salary of misifts
lol just stop it, colloquial is totally fine when you are not typing any scientific study or something else which is formal af