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Inherited €500k, what do?
yeah that is how it goes but what i said was the stockmarket is taking the hit in some years which means downturn is coming and then you lose money. so you are right if your long-term actually means a...
Inherited €500k, what do?
in couple of years stockmarket is going to take a hit, so what ever you decide to get involved with, don't play it too long-term or you most likely will lose a lot of money
Juliano, angel....
+1, her forehead is not even close to be as bright as canadian sirius star diamond
you know 2pac and eminem are considered as a best rappers all time?
Open cases or nah?
you clearly want to do it so just do it!
guys help me with girl
it doesnt mean she likes you if she happens to watch you for fraction of the second
Open cases or nah?
I´v done this 2 or 3 times, sell knife and open cases, sometimes i got a new knife and sometimes i wasted hundreds. But it's still fun to feel the adrenaline in your blood. And they are only pixels, s...
Razer or Steelseries
i heard it has build-in aim assist for several fps game :)
Metal isn't music
Slipknot is alternative metal band, and it is genre of metal, so it makes Slipknot a metal band, lol /close
CS:GO dying
its actually true that cheaters are killing that game, too bad for pro scene. tho its great so all those sketchy pro´s will lose their career
How to fix USB port?
ok mr. medvedev
How to fix USB port?
ty putin
because you say shit when u clearly dont know anything about them, okay.
and it seems you doesnt know anything about headphones :D
i dont fall for fucking "gaming" headset theory anymore, sound in those are shitty af