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Renegades vs AVANGAR
Renegades vs NRG/Astralis Final tbh #YTB. What happens when you hold a major straight after a player break, expect upsets. Had it been before the break? Too EZ4Liquid.
ENCE vs Renegades
Fk Ence, EZ 4 The Boys.
Tainted Minds vs ORDER
TM need to get rid of Chuch already, consistently the weak link in finals series.
Portal vs ORDER
Oh yea thats right, hes pretty average at it though.
Parallax vs Control
Grat, Raz are decent riflers as well but I can understand that. Sterling would not awp just get him in a support role I guess and soak up the atmosphere of an International LAN.
Parallax vs Control
No Zewsy or Ofnu? Should have taken Sterling tbh, good experience for an up n coming NZ talent.
Portal vs ORDER
Who AWPs for Order in this tourney?
Top3 rappers in ur country?
Tom Scott - Home Brew/@Peace/ARB David Dallas Savage
Tainted Minds vs Grayhound
EZ TM, Ofnu Zewsy pride of NZ CS vs NZ CS God Gratz for Grayhounds. Super close matches between all teams tbh only a few rounds/key moments separating all the teams in attendance. Been great to watch ...
TheMongolz vs MVP PK
Chiefs vs MVP PK
country dream team
Ofnu for LONS ez, sterlng another to consider/dark horse for an all Kiwi side.
Tainted Minds vs Kings
Im Racist
And whats right about being racist LMAO. All that hate for nothing when the people you hate on, your not even an after thought for them. Just means your insecure and feel threatened in some way and pr...
Tainted Minds vs Masterminds
Ap0c v apocdud letsgo!
Best rap from your country
@Peace/HomeBrew - David Dallas - SWIDT -