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[Spoiler] GOT S8 E2
While yes movies are easier to be "more interesting" Lord of the Rings was smart in writing about what's important, and Game of Thrones the tv show just felt like reading 7 plots at once... It's a co...
[Spoiler] GOT S8 E2
As someone else said Lord of the Rings > Game of Thrones. GoT is way too dragged out and the author pretty much gave up trying to end the story...
[Spoiler] GOT S8 E2
True, Tolkien was the best at creating the world and also knowing when to close out stories at the same time. George RR Martin created the world but there are so many plot holes to end he probably jus...
[Spoiler] GOT S8 E2
expected... GoT wasn't as good when they ran out of material from the book Most authors are good at creating the world but sucks at closing out the story. Basically they're just wasting screen time o...
thats what ive been saying... he offers little to the team hes a god vs. tier 2 and tier 3 teams then total bot vs tier 1 he's like a EU shroud where he just relies on his aim all the time...
lucky jump shot
it's not lucky, if you get hit while moving your velocity slows down, actually helping your aim stabilize tldr the guy behind the smoke paniced and went for body shots and instead of just 2 tapping h...
NIP is retirement home
shox vs shroud
shroud is a dumb aimer, he never learned to play smart but rather enjoys flick shots like ESEA puggers he is skilled at it and has a smooth aim so he makes for good content creator sadly that will n...
top 5 esports
esports is a joke
Ryzen 3rd gen
no lol i looked it up it's 4.0 ghz base and like 4.8 boost for single
Ryzen 3rd gen
nvm ryzen 3 clock looks good.
NIP vs. Heroic
sorry i 1 tap these guys ez pros are so overrated
Advanced C#
All the same shit, while loops, for loops, methods, classes. C you can manipulate some pointers and do fancy stuff, cool. Pass by reference and pass by values.
Advanced C#
What do you want to build? A web-app? Learn javascript and react and a backend language (could be javascript again, or python, or java) Want to build IOS app? Swift Want to build android? Kotlin
Advanced C#
Language is the easiest part about building software, it takes 1 week to learn a new language if you know 1 already, they're all the same