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HL3 incoming?
well yes the account is new, since they made it just for this announcement hence my point
Valve is out of touch
it just shows Valve is clueless since I hardly play the game anymore and I see that price tag as a joke It takes them months to think about nerfing the price by like $200? LULW cmon dude they can do...
Valve is out of touch
no i mean the economy is different now too u get way more money now than before
Valve is out of touch
u realize they buff they money which is part of reason why T can buy guns for days LULW maybe 3400 is worth thinking about now every T just buy kriegs 300 aint gonna make a diff
Valve is out of touch
virtual reality bruh
Half life alyx OMEGALUL
It's probably gonna be bad. They spend all their development on a VR game of all things, imagine being such a pussy to make a game that you have to build some random spinoff from HL2 a game you made ...
Fnatic is so bad
u realize the game doesnt even matter xD
Overrated Pros
add zywoo to that list
AoE II: Definitive Edition
exciting my ass if it was that exciting it would have more viewers on twitch
overly complicated like death stranding
fnatic doesn't really play like that, only in vitality or navi they play bait for 1 guy LULW
zywoo baits hard
zywoo and simple baits the hardest though they literally have no hard angles to check all they do is peek the easiest angles (no challenge possible) then order some1 else to clear angle for them
zywoo baits hard
modern gaming
cyberpunk yes star citizen no lul that game is scam
modern gaming
ok potatomato :))