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Sri Lanka
isis is isreali secret intelligence service?
CIS + EU minor
what the frick men)))
anno 1800 come here
look up "free download x game here"
it's brazil, you say you found a monkey like it was hard. all you have to do is look at the crowd and you see hundreds.
I insult you
im black
Liberals come
if no human caused the fire then how did it start
Liberals come
if the government told you the sky is pink you wouldn't second guess it.
Liberals come
you keep talking about the site to prove your point like it means something, i only used that to prove that no one was there but since your point is so shit you have to fall back on that to think you ...
Liberals come
name one time billions of people changed their world view, just one
Liberals come
doesn't matter the source, the fact remains no one was there but yet a fire started from thin air, but in normal libtard manner you found a way to weasel out of it
Liberals come
name one lmao
Liberals come
every news source is biased to some extent since all humans no matter what hold a bias unless you are a vegetable
Liberals come
The safety procedures on the Notre-Dame de Paris construction site “have been respected,” said one of the leaders of the scaffolding of the cathedral on BFMTV Tuesday, the day after the fire that rava...
Liberals come
how do you reform the way billions of people think lmao
Liberals come