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best spray
sk players say about the "spray nervoso"(very good spray) from boltz he created: "spray bom é na gamersclub" it means "good spray are in the gamersclub" its a famous meme here in brazil when you talk ...
Which fanbase is the most Cancerous ?
every day this threads kkkkk ez top 1 btw as usual
its true
Sk fans
actully sk have called fox to complete he cant cuz he play from dignitas i think and the rules dont leave him play they are not training with felps yes its a standin
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
lol you guys call coldzera baiter, look this qikert ever the last alive dont get me wrong, he is good
SS & SK fans = worst fans?
you are crying you are good in that
Turks & Brazilians
Turks & Brazilians
you like it ? they eat some EUs in breakfeast
Turks & Brazilians
guys seriously we can win the third world war here
SS & SK fans = worst fans?
your argument is cry dude cry you guys see sk or ss win and cry... and if they lose you guys hating them dont act like you guys are better, cuz the eutards are the real cancer from hltv enjoy my shoul...
SS & SK fans = worst fans?
every fan do that dude brs and turks blame more ? yes for sure and a lot are fakeflag and if they lose you for sure will see threads hating them sorry bad england
SS & SK fans = worst fans?
they are happy you dont know what is this in cs anymore i know but leave them they are just happy
SS & SK fans = worst fans?
nt your place are killing bulls get out of here
Turk fans
shut up, they are just happy eutards so retards
its hard to be a sk hater this days gl in your path