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Tricked vs Red Reserve
Round over - Winner: CT (7 - 13) - Bomb defused grux defused the bomb grux + acoR (assist) killed b0RUP with aug (headshot) b0RUP killed disco doplan with ak47 (headshot) grux + disco doplan (assist...
AGO vs Sprout
Round over - Winner: T (6 - 6) - Enemy eliminated Kap3r killed mirbit with ak47 (headshot) Kap3r planted the bomb (1on1) Kap3r killed syrsoN with ak47 Kap3r killed denis with ak47 (headshot) Kap3r ...
Chaos vs unknown
Relaxa killed netrick with awp Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 2) - Bomb defused Ryxxo defused the bomb netrick killed djL with aug (headshot) netrick + fr0slev (assist) killed minio with aug (headsh...
NoChance vs x-kom
Round over - Winner: CT (2 - 12) - Target saved kRYSTAL killed STOMP with m4a1 Radifaction killed Goofy with aug STOMP killed Maikelele with awp Maikelele killed mono with awp Radifaction killed ...
NoChance vs x-kom
x-kom win knife round and pick tt 1-9 lose XDDD
NoChance vs x-kom
x-kom win knife round and pick tt XDD
NoChance vs x-kom
krystal is bot :D but he's been playing well lately
NoChance vs x-kom
2:1 for x-kom :D i belive
expert vs unknown
11-2 -> 12-11 XDDD
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Copenhagen Flames
Round over - Winner: CT (2 - 6) - Enemy eliminated Farlig killed slaxz- with usp_silencer Basso + Farlig (assist) killed stfN with m4a1 Basso + HooXi (assist) killed mantuu with m4a1 mantuu + slaxz...
Dragons vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
nice attax 5-1 and lose 2x 5v3 and 1x 3v1 -> 5-6
Dragons vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
13-10 14-16 nice attax :(
Chaos vs SuperJymy
Round over - Winner: T (4 - 9) - Target bombed Spargo + SADDYX (assist) killed djL with inferno Spargo killed FREDDyFROG with ak47 (headshot) Relaxa + djL (assist) killed xartE with awp xartE + Jam...
Round over - Winner: CT (13 - 11) - Enemy eliminated Kap3r killed Maka with cz75a phr + Furlan (assist) killed JiNKZ with ssg08 JiNKZ killed Furlan with ak47 GruBy killed hAdji with cz75a (headsho...
AGO vs Chaos
Round over - Winner: T (8 - 11) - Enemy eliminated Relaxa killed phr with ak47 FREDDyFROG planted the bomb (2on1) Relaxa + FREDDyFROG (flash assist) killed GruBy with ak47 GruBy killed PlesseN with ...