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Chaos vs RBG
Round over - Winner: CT (13 - 10) - Enemy eliminated pwny killed leaf with awp pwny killed Jonji with awp pwny killed steel with awp steel killed Walco with ak47 Walco killed Xeppaa with awp Walco kil...
Chaos vs RBG
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 6) - Bomb defused pwny defused the bomb pwny killed vanity with usp_silencer (headshot) vanity + Jonji (assist) killed gmanchew with glock (headshot) gmanchew killed Jonj...
https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingDeadPancakeKippa NAWROT 1V2 CLUTCH
BLUEJAYS vs Sinners
sinners with 1.45 to 1.75? hmmm
Syman vs Illuminar
reatz has a break from cs so rallen stand-in
Syman vs Illuminar
-reatz + rallen btw
AVEZ vs Endpoint
today polish machine will be stop
sAw vs Tikitakan
saw 11-7 11-15 15-15 18-16 18-18 21-19 21-21 XDD
https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongStormyPotatoArsonNoSexy shox 1v3 ... ago is fucking retards
Recon 5 vs Swedish Canadians
Round over - Winner: CT (3 - 3) - Enemy eliminated Reality + jet- (assist) killed WolfY with ak47 WolfY killed jet- with ak47 Reality + JazzPimp (assist) killed J0LZ with inferno WolfY + AAustiN (assi...
so many times?
forZe vs CR4ZY
i saw this scan on long XD
forZe vs CR4ZY
Round over - Winner: T (9 - 10) - Enemy eliminated DemQQ killed Jerry with ak47 (headshot) DemQQ planted the bomb (1on1) DemQQ + Sergiz (assist) killed xsepower with ak47 (headshot) DemQQ killed almaz...
Heroic vs Virtus.pro
SANJI 0/0/11 XDD he back to form
Wisla Krakow vs AGF
12 rounds in tt and 0 rounds in ot? hello wisla