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Lyngby Vikings vs forZe
Lyngby drop with 1.8 to 1.45 wtf
Izako Boars vs EC Kyiv
maybe he cheating?
forZe vs Anonymo
woro2k and aunkere stand in for xsepower and facecrack
MAESTRO vs Wygers
15-11 15-19 wygers nice ahhahahaha
Lilmix vs fightclub
14-12 14-16 15-12 15-19 nice fightclub
Winstrike vs Cyber Legacy
Round over - Winner: T (14 - 5) - Enemy eliminated tricky + glowiing (assist) killed El1an with ssg08 (headshot) El1an + NickelBack (assist) killed glowiing with deagle glowiing + tricky (assist) kill...
SKADE vs Galaxy Racer
Round over - Winner: CT (5 - 3) - Target saved dezon killed dennyslaw with ak47 dezon killed Oxygen with ak47 (headshot) dezon killed SPELLAN with deagle (headshot) dezon + disco doplan (assist) kille...
Lyngby Vikings vs Dignitas
Round over - Winner: CT (15 - 12) - Bomb defused hallzerk defused the bomb hallzerk killed Maccen with m4a1 (headshot) hallzerk + H4RR3 (assist) killed birdfromsky with knife_karambit H4RR3 killed Twi...
Heretics vs HAVU
Round over - Winner: CT (15 - 15) - Enemy eliminated Jamppi + ZOREE (assist) killed kioShiMa with mp9 (headshot) Jamppi killed Nivera with mp9 (headshot) Jamppi killed Lucky with mp9 (headshot) doto k...
Heretics vs Winstrike
Round over - Winner: T (8 - 9) - Enemy eliminated Lack1 killed Nivera with ak47 (headshot) Lack1 killed xms with ak47 (headshot) Lack1 killed Lucky with ak47 Nivera + kioShiMa (assist) killed El1an wi...
forZe vs MAD Lions
what is this page? :D
forZe vs MAD Lions
XDDD match is 50/50 so where is 2.35 on forze?
Gambit Youngsters vs PACT
-hobbit +supra
K23 vs forZe
ez +2.5 maps over
Invictus Int vs CR4ZY
5-0 for invictus on second map :(