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I change my team to Space Soldiers now all I get are turks looking at my profile lol

best day of my life http://imgur.com/3oMTefm

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I live in Scotland - AMA
That's what saas is for haha It's so worth it though for like Black Cat or Kay's Bar. Places like panda and sons are stupid expensive though
I live in Scotland - AMA
never been to stramash, usually stick to the new town for pubs accurate though lmao
I live in Scotland - AMA
hahaha that happens all the fucking time in the weirdest places about. one time i was at strathallan for a pipe band thing and the ip had been banned lmao lothian bus wifi sucks though with imgur bann...
I live in Scotland - AMA
yes lad fucking weird to think other people from our city use hltv
I live in Scotland - AMA
good stuff, enjoy yourself my man
I live in Scotland - AMA
yeah, that's a fair point tbf if you're ever in edinburgh, go to it, you won't regret, its on henderson row in the north of the new town its sick, they sell crocodile if its in season
I live in Scotland - AMA
name a single chippy north of edinburgh thats better than l'alba d'oro
I live in Scotland - AMA
l'alba d'oro best chippy in scotland come at me
I live in Scotland - AMA
same, despite the flag
I live in Scotland - AMA
they're actually fucking delicious for the first bite but after the second bite you literally feel dead inside yeah, you can get in stonehaven which is a stop just down from aberdeen, but there's like...
AGO vs Tempo Storm
shadow looks middle aged no criticism intended
Richard Lewis
plus one
i HATE polo shirts
hahaha oh dear oh dear
i HATE polo shirts
i HATE polo shirts
ill take that as a yes