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NAVI 2010 vs CIS Streamers
Tell me that exist English Stream please! I can stream if somehow its posible, help on this one boys :pray: It's my all time favourite team <3
Illuminar vs Giants
gracias hermano. lets go Giants! And lets go Riders! too as well ;)
Illuminar vs Giants
This Giants will be better than before in online games, i hope. Players like Cunha gave them one more player that is motivated to play every single game, online or not. Lets hope they can start well, ...
Illuminar vs Giants
Will be Arki playing, i guess, HLTV.
Can you feel it?
yeah, he's coca addicted.
Can you feel it?
kng and lucas1 is somehow a soul similiar of fox. Maybe mibr can comeback to a good shape, they have the wild mindset again.
Can you feel it?
Hope we can go wild again! Portugal is all about passion, from football to cs.
TOP-10 Players in your country?
Not for order, because that's hard to do, that's more an opinion. Fox Mutiris Rmn Killdream Zelin Cunha Just Obj Rizz Stadodo The last two need to show more for more time, but i think they're in goo...
Liquid vs Sharks
No one shu* up my man Coachi for next 10 years xD Great result, congrats to their amazing job!
EU minor idea
IMO, counter-strike would go to football system, with national leagues competition that would colminate in UCL of cs:go an EL of cs:go in EU. Then, the world cup featuring the champions of each side o...
Na'Vi options after Zeus departure
With all things that are happening with 100thieves and virtus.pro hunting to make strong EU mix team, i think s1mple can go out of na'vi to one of this 2 projects. If we go out, Jame will probably be ...
NaVi Zeus replacement
eSports in 10 years
There is no such thing as eSports. It's Esports or esports. Remember that!
EU way better than ALL
LUL, CIS region in cs only exist by a question of ping issues. Don't be stupid!