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f0rest too good
F0rest = CR7 for them, age is just a number! It's all about mindset.
One Piece just get better and better.
Top 5 football clubs in ur country
Historically: Benfica Porto Sporting Belenenses Boavista Atm Benfica Porto Sporting Braga And the fifth change every year between Guimarães, Rio ave, Marítimo and others.
SK Gaming
true story xD
SK Gaming
prove it or...you know what comes next 😎
SK Gaming
that 5 stars nowdays still can be a good team tbh. NEO, Taz and Loord still can move their mouse in tier 2/3 really well.
SK Gaming
Scream....inhé... i was thinking in some of danish brats, from ex.fragsters for example. D0cC, why not? idk him from playing tbh, but i know he's a new fpl onliner trying to show his skill. Give him ...
SK Gaming
Jesus dude xD
Talent>Hard work
nevermind bro, it's Portugal here, most of them still think that hours means hardwork in counter-strike and true believe too, faceit level 10 = pros level xD Canada it's just, not only in counter-str...
Talent>Hard work
Shame on this guys brainless using my country flag...
Talent>Hard work
Don't misunderstand hard work with hours playing cs:go without brain.
IEM Katowice 2019 Major New Challenger stage Predictions
NA predict tbh bro, i would say: 3-0 Cloud9 Fnatic 3-1 NRG Vega Ence 3-2 Vitality G2 NIP 2-3 Tyloo Avangar Furia 1-3 ViCi Spirit Renegades 0-3 Winstrike GrayHound Of course, surprise always happe...
Exist because exist in counter-strike, before you born. p.s. and do you know her infamous name? i tell you, back in 1.6 that weapon was know like, kill noobs (mata-patos in portuguese).
Fox, like NEO, like Pasha, Markeloff and much more, will not anymore be as good as their 1.6 time, just because of one thing that have nothing with their age, it's just as simple as they don't fit the...
i agree 100%.