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Bolsonaro question
it's fake dude, Bolsonaro is the guy Brazil needs. You hear a lot of bad things about him, because the rivals of him, the now on GOV, they make their campaign with brazilian television to pain Bolsona...
SK New Line?
i know xD
SK New Line?
maybe makes sense, who knows.
SK New Line?
Fox and Mutiris will not left VG lineup for a long time. Forget them out of a full PT lineup, and that team makes 0 sense imo. Nice bait ;D
SK New Line?
yeah, Scream, how i forgot, another good one to fill a EU lineup.
SK New Line?
dude, that's a good option too, danish players are in hot atm, making a mix with a great danish IGL like him or MSL for example, mixing new blood young players, like some fragsters plauyers for exampl...
SK New Line?
dead meme xD
SK New Line?
i would support that bro, they deserve. They or HR with deadfox change for hoobit for example, would be sick too.
SK New Line?
I agree that SK deserve a top tier lineup, but Sanx in shape isn't that bad, i think the only option, with or without FA players for SK, is to make an EU super team, like Faze did.
SK New Line?
humm, yeah, language barrier in 2018 suc*s, but it's a sad reality :(
New SK super team incoming with KennyS ISSAA Hoobit MSL Faven
Zeus = best igl
I was wrong about 1.6, but respect faggot, he's a 2x major champion!
Zeus = best igl
you're right, sorry about that.
Zeus = best igl
Zeus today if win Major, turns in the most reputed player of all time in CIS and one of the "hall of fame" in the world. The only 1.6 Legend, alongside Fallen, that still in 2018, can perform and be ...
rip faceit?
RIP Faceit, it's all down. Stronk ftw? cevo should back or faceit comeback? :kappa: