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Dragons vs KPI
but it's only a matter of time, he isn't kpi player for the new season. Zelin will be on new first portuguese pro line up. Soon we'll know who be part of that legend mark in our cs history.
-Olof +WHO ?
If -olof, and a big IF, only +coldzera or +krimz make sense. yeah, i didn't say s1mple, and said krimz instead, just because s1mple and Guardian, idk, maybe don't is a good chemistry, like we saw on ...
Dragons vs KPI
After Giants lost, none of other teams have quality enough to play on a good level in MDL. Tbh for me, only MR blue can be worst than KPI in this event, in roster quality, because KPI will not have Ze...
1.6 legendary team
finally someone that knows, Fox was the most underrated player of 1.6 . With a full portuguese team, playing like amateur, shine and give to Portugal team K1ck a lot of playoffs in the premier interna...
Ronaldo Juventus
did you saw the program tests that cience make with him? they said that he can perform, if no injuries, untill 36 to the highest level, like nowdays ronaldo still do. So, 3 more years and then, then h...
it's true. Football of nowdays isn't entertaining anymore, too tactic and with trash tips, like make time with fake pains.
Movistar Riders vs ENCE
#mutarmy #letsgoriders
Giants vs Ancient
Tempo Storm vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
this line up looks a lot stronger than last. The question is, Happy or golden? i believe in both, both good, golden just in better confidence time right now, but happy 2x major champion, a sleeping ...
Envyus Disband
no no no, pls no xD Alex is a beast for sure, but let him in giants with killdream, rmn and arki, because they will improve more with blastinho and be a very strong iberian team in international scen...
Envyus Disband
kio to igl, because it's fox igling atm, and that's not good at all to him and the team, HS can't igl. so kio to igl and yeah, i like of your thought line.
Envyus Disband
with Apex coming back to his supreme form, i think that's a good team too. zywoo is an awper right? i know that he's a french super talent, but i don't know his role...
Envyus Disband
humm, idt HS is a problem, it's just in a slump, like all on the team, maybe innocent is the only one with more stability atm. lowel for me isn't a problem too, just think that he's the less skilled o...
wasted talents in csgo
100% accord! A wasted talent since 1.6, always was a world class awper, and only in 2015 had his first chance in Kinguin, on cs:go already. Fox is in a slump in nowdays, and just because he don't fi...
Tiers explained
Tier it's just about the hltv rank positions, with tier 1 being 1 to 10, tier 2 11 to 20, tier 3 21 to 30 and there it go. Simply like that, all the rest, it's pure hallucination from hltv users and ...