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fuck school
Stop fucking complaining
Die for country
😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂 K
Im 15 yo kid with shitty life. AMA
Shouldn't be here, go play outside or some fortnite like your peers lmao
if a team like mibr that loss like that against astralis, 16-1 and 16-0...
who hurt you wtf
lmao silver
not laughing at that look at pasha's slowly walking with his knife out, no strafing...
the way pasha took his retarded time to get to the bomb, could had defused with almost under a sec left
accidentally clicked a betting ad
im reporting you for giving them money by just clicking on it
ur english lvl?
Your goals for 2019?
im not waiting on my deathbed without knowing the fuck i've been missing out wtf wrong with u
are you jealous of ninja's lifestyle?
idc about it being fortnite, i just care how much of a hypocrite he is when he was from h1z1 to now. dont give me "He has changed" BS, he only changed for his audience and Fortnite, so he even come f...
ur english lvl?
wtf is this shit "Which I am, basically" and "Which I basically am" is two different things
are you jealous of ninja's lifestyle?
jealous of lifestyle and wealth is different would you become ninja without the same amount of money he's getting?
are you jealous of ninja's lifestyle?
no one gives a fuck about being rich from playing Fortnite, and having the only job there is to entertain kids (aka being a clown) if he was to play bo4, he would be underrated right? rest of us are ...