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Gratisfaction signing cost?
I heard it was a kangaroo burger
To be fair a lot of countries would have to buy cable tv (ie Foxtel) just to watch it as well anyway. Still, not really an excuse.
Australia Security Analyst Monitor security (as in IT security) alerts $30/hr (just started) Very happy
RIP stewie
Maybe. Hopefully not (for obvious reasons :D). If I'm completely objective though, I don't think he's consistent enough on LAN to be worthwhile for Liquid yet... Let's be honest teams like Liquid sh...
meanwhile SK
?? Free trip to Sydney, get to watch some CSGO, as if you wouldn't be happy lmao.
RIP stewie
Ya I don't think stewie is the answer.. Liquid just need a dedicated AWPer to replace Taco and to relegate an existing member to his support role. Would be easy top 3 probably, assuming that persona...
RIP stewie
Clearly you haven’t seen the vids of him in Optic lmao. Renegades clearly didn’t like him either and were very relieved when he left. He’s like the NA Konfig.
Grayhound tier 1?
Fluke would be the logical assumption but hopefully not.
IEM Sydney crowd
Would have gone if it were in Melbourne :( Sydney-siders don't even attend traditional sports that they love, just watch on TV like lazy boiz.
RIP stewie
As opposed to NAF who just makes aggressive aggressive comments?
Daps = God is alive?
On phone internet atm and can't watch :(
Daps = God is alive?
If God exists how could he be dead in the first place?
smooya on k0nfig
holy shit lmao, some crazy drama.
smooya on k0nfig
Where did all this stuff regarding K0nfig and Optic start btw?