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BEST city you've ever been to
Venice: #Canals #Rialto Just too much people - if you can block that fact out = Very nice city
what triggers hltv users
+ CIS Minor and CIS Major spots That´s what triggers me the most
depressed countries
Republic of Wadiya
depressed countries
nice one .... Finland = easy life #ez4ence
Czech event
and the event in C - something like Gamescom - big international event
Czech event
Cause Faceit = London/America, Starladder = Ukraine, Epicenter = Moscow, Eleague = US, .... So you got ESL, PGL, Dreamhack (=ESL), maybe BLAST ESL has Katowice and Cologne = no point of doing it in CZ...
Czech event
Not gonna happen. Why? ... A) There is no ESL in CZSK to make a tournament (every ESL CZSK activity is under ESL Polska, cause we don´t have a licence) B) There is no CZ team in the pro csgo (just os...
sticker sell when
VP = easy profit + this might be their last sticker VP has a strong community
Respect Winstrike
AVANGAR, spirit... all right... somewhere lover EU tier... time to time great result ... maybe like Valiance, Windigo, ... pro100 did not see them winning any qualifier or little EU tournament = same...
Swiss BO3 does not solve the "Mouse/Faze" issue Mouse lost to NiP = lost to top tier team Mouse lost to mibr = lost to top tier team Mouse plays FaZe in elimination match ... another top tier team B...
Respect Winstrike
Respect to Winstrike = Respect to CIS minor spots = One big joke Yeah, good for them, they had one great tournament in Boston But long-term they are just somewhere Tier 5 same as lot of CIS teams. I...
haha - fallen said a year ago, that there sould be "Seasons" ... like starting August finishing November - starting January finishing June... with all tounaments, pro leagues, ...You would have taken ...
You see ... Thats why you need Ranking Seeding .... Like in Tennis :D 100% solving this problem of swiss
400 dollars on C9
Like stupid people deserves this ... C9 lost lot of matchers before Major Vega played no tournaments before Major Vega can beat anyone - like they have shown last week This is not a clever bet, this...
NIP top 1
This might very well be a NiP major... strange to say after 2 years of struggle #GONINJAS