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Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
yup, MANS NOT HOT were awesome :D
Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
X6tence - went through the Open Qual., Closed Qual. and groupstage Bravado - went through the Open Qual., Closed Qual. and groupstage One of them is gonna play the finals of Dreamhack Winter - one of...
Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
Bravado vs G2
Who is the GOAT?
Top 1 now >> top 1 in 2014? Yeah, It´s a recent memory, but it´s stupid to say that, cause the achievments are the same, just in a different time. It´s like saying Ronaldo/Messi are more than Mara...
Red Reserve vs GUNRUNNERS
try to write to ESEA admins
Red Reserve vs GUNRUNNERS
kicked out of NiP and fnatic You either join Red Reserve or convince C9 to be next Golden&Flusha? Red Reserve better option imo.
Movistar Riders vs Slovakia
Hunter is partialy a serbian and is allowed to be taken as a serbian. oskar is czech.... no chance he can play for Slovakia unless WESG allows Czech&Slovakia as one country
Gonna read someday :D :D but EZ for Brollan
brollan top 10 2019
GAMERZ season 1 - who is that 14.y.o. kid with awesome stats every night? ... 1 year later - Brollan is picked up by GODSENT (=3rd best team in Sweden) ... 1 year later - Brollan is picked up by fnati...
hamilton > schumacher
ha ha ha Today´s F1 = joke Some shit can win 4 titles just cause he has the best car and the team lets him win GPs eventhough he is behing teammate. No serious comparation about which driver is bet...
someone explain blast format?
6 teams groupstage BO1 each other. 1.-2. team advances to BO3 Grandfinals 3. team choose an opponent (any of 4.-6. teams) to play against in stand-off (5x 1on1 battle) - winner recieves extra 20k $.
wtf blast
OMG, haters gonna hate... :D Blast is not a ESL ONE/IEM/STARLADDER/ELEAGUE/IDONTKNOWWHAT tournament, Blast is a something like 4fun tournament - as an awesome experience for in-arena fans. You sho...
Zedko wrote yesterday, that he is in a hospital and benq1 will stand-in Maybe they called cannie to play instead ;)
styko, friberg and every other guy playing any position you put him in. Might not be top fragger, but plays an important role in a team