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EU minor idea
Bad Idea... but Why not to make a 32team Minor - Just merge them together... they play at the same time and place anyways... so why not? and make 32 team tournament for 10 spots
New Faze roster
huh +Hunter... nice joke, CR4ZY are not that stupid... he would have been expensive as fuck -Niko +Coldzera -NEO +AleksiB IMO (And Niko to CR4ZY for LETN1 or EspiranTo = first is not T1 second is no...
Overtime isnt necessary
Why not say its a draw and eliminate both.... Man your logic is like: Semifinal of Soccer WC is draw... so let both of them play the finals and if some of them wins, play overtime so you decide wheth...
Frankie <3
Good luck man :D :D :D But dreams do come true... (sometimes)
-LETN1 +Niko incomimg and Coldzera, AleksiB FaZe
Euros so happy
:D :D :D I hope not... but its the darkside of todays csgo... Players are replaced every month.... and its rare for 1 squad to be together over a year
what NIP fans want :
And yet you want old squad gone... ok
Well, That is the best reaction to NiP org. overall so... SORRY WHY NOT?!
what NIP fans want :
Simple question: How long are you a NiP fan?
Nip not rip
100% true... Best case scenario: Xizt, Friberg, F0rest and Get_Right creates a new team (Out of NiP org.) with no pressure on results - just to do what they love...
what NIP fans want :
What true NiP fan wants: Bring back Xizt&Friberg and just let them play whatever tier they will be at That´s the Ninjas in Pyjamas we know, not the "trade 1 player every 3 months" team
Cyberpunk 2077
Keanu is coming for YOU
Cyberpunk 2077
Keanu Who?
Euros so happy
Yup, Thats why I think unless you are #1 for over a year and won at least 1 Major... it´s not an Era
Euros so happy
But respect to them for winning all those tournaments