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FaZe vs mousesports
n0thing >>> cromen That´s all But will be a very nice match-up
FaZe vs mousesports
n0thing >>> cromen :D
True NiP fans?
NiP fan is always NiP fan.... If you are not fan, cause they are not winning everything.... you never were a true fan
Next major mvp?
I r8 your World Cup predictions
100% true.... HLTV confirmed
QBF -> Winstrike ???
I r8 your World Cup predictions
Egypt, Peru, Switzerland, Panama => Peru wins
-Golden +Who
Brollan: date of birith - June 17, 2002 Means he will be 16 in a week. There might be still something you cannot attend U17 (Eleague had that rule I think) ... but mostly the age restrictions are se...
Bravado vs Gorilla Gang
Like about Minor system... you are right... Optic will play EU Minor, so do NiP.... But there are teams like Bravado, that do not belong to any region THERE IS NO AFRICAN MINOR!!! So they can choose i...
Who wins Faceit Major?
EZ for Bravado! :D TRUSTME
Hellraisers Why ???
They have 2 CIS players , 2 EU players, 1 "asian" player = They do not have majority in any of those regions => they are allowed to play EU or CIS minor, but it´s up to them to choose which one. More...
! TyLoo era !
just was unlucky. But long-term ... you hear more about Tyloo, Renegades, MVP PK that about any T2 CIS team ;) + you definitly hear more about NiP, AGO, Heroic, Godsent, Hellraisers, Optic .... and m...
! TyLoo era !
good for you Putin is THE FUTURE
! TyLoo era !
says a man from country, which directly borders with Russia :D :D :D
! TyLoo era !
crazy tournament But still, Fuck CIS spots on Majors.... since Major you did not even hear about QBF, Avangar, Vega, maybe not even about Gambit Australia deserves spot, South America deserve spot! ...