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cerq is round
he just rolled over TyLoo, such an absolute unit
who will win Major?
I reckon that you should be hired to the analyst desk, they need you since YNK left
FACEIT MAJOR winner 2018
I feel like a favorite is going to match against an underdog in the grand-finals, it could be NaVi/FaZe vs BIG/FNATIC/MiBR who knows, but somehow i feel that Astralis won't meet the expectations, big ...
TeamOne vs compLexity
For all the kids saying fortnite killed CSGO
+1 you just nailed it mate, fully agree
Free bida br come here
my bad, wasn't my intention to make fun of australian destiny
destiny LUL
Does boltz have place in Luminosity right now?
Boltz probably going to NTC or FURIA, at least i hope so cuz Luminosity is looking good there's no need to change
tips to spray good with m4?
same here, thought i was the only one lol 2 years later new sounds still crap to me, worst thing they ever did to this game
Brazilians come here
on paper i already knew this team wouldn't work, IGL and awper, 2 demanding roles for FalleN, now he also needs to speak english?!? i knew his impact would drop and dump all his teammates with him, wh...
Cold denies Liquid move
Their era is up and running, its called "losing to tier 4-3 EU/NA era".
PC problem
sorry i misspelled, i mean't OS, Windows, or whatever you're using
PC problem
I had a similar situation, turned out it was the SO, somehow it got corrupted, i had to format it then it was good to go, but usually these kind of problems are related to the hard drive, so you might...