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Amd readon 7
pretty underwhelming announcement, for 700$ you can get the RTX 2080 which has ray-tracing and can also take advantage on some titles with DLSS enabled, this card should ship with a lower price tag bu...
Will Brexit be good or bad for the UK?
bad short term but great long term
I5 9600k @5.1GHz bad fps in csgo
Its weird that you're not getting 300+ FPS on this rig, but here we go 1. Try to overclock your RAM through BLCK to 3200MHZ, tune the timings to a good balance, it can give you a considerable boost 2...
SHOOWTIME is a washed up pro player that had his chance to prove himself in the NA scene, just like the majority of Imperial e-Sports and Team Wild rosters, they are definetely not the way to go. nek...
so? they have to figure their situation out on their own, they need to build the structure, that's the way that they are gonna get the recognition that they need to step in MIBR, that's how Felps did,...
Fortnite is more skill based than CSGO.
anyways i appreciate your effort, good luck with that
Fortnite is more skill based than CSGO.
0/8 try again next time
bro ive got some intel from trustworthy sources that this is can go pretty bad, not a good option
every team does that so please stop with this idiotic complaint, there are teams that abuse it even more
Sharks vs North
wtf exit
MIBR vs Sharks
+1 pray for leo_sober
MIBR vs Sharks
ez for le0_18runky
Funnily enough Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, so they're doing it right. Shalom
EU union.
That article is really shady... no wonder why so many people are getting fed up with the EU, their supranational tentacles are larger than I imagined
Spongebob Squarepants
the one which he cheated when taking his boating exam with mrs. puff, not exactly my favorite but the most memorable one