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Dutch police wtf
Stupid bitch should've shut her mouth and she would have been fine. Hope she learned her lesson.
I just got rejected because I'm short
How old are you? I'm about the same height as you and when I was younger I used to really struggle with it as well. But everything turned out just fine, all my exes are beautiful girls (even 1 model)....
Your salary in USD
A working week consists of 5 days. 5x5 hours = 25 hours a week dumbass
Your salary in USD
I have to work after 6pm often and also frequently on sundays. Get paid nearly double for those hours. Also I have a 13th month and in the month of may I get a holiday pay which is the equivalent of a...
Your salary in USD
Your salary in USD
I work part-time in supermarket in Belgium (only 5 hours a day) and make nearly $2000 a month.
Metalheads r8 my top of bands
Love me some Kreator!
I want to learn Ukrainian online
Tried the duolingo app on your phone?
Nadal Federer i suggest channel 21
Nadal Federer
Hope Federer can grab at least a set
30 degrees in Belgium but barely feel it. I was in Bangkok last week and the temperature there was 43 degrees but the apparent temperature was actually 49 degrees. Not to mention the humidity... my he...
Favorite beer
Duvel, Omer, La Chouffe
post songs from your favourite band omg
I like to vape
I've smoked cigarettes for 14 years long, about a pack a day. 3 weeks ago I switched to vaping (starting with 12mg nicotine) and haven't touched a single cigarette in 3 weeks. I like it!
I like to vape
= better