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Anyone having a good day?
I'm actually Belgian and my boss is a really hot woman. We had been drunk kissing since a year and this weekend we finally had sex. Don't let your dreams be dreams, never give up
Anyone having a good day?
I had sex with my boss last weekend and it was the best thing ever
Friends that are girl
Man, my boss is a woman and we're pretty good friends and go out and drink together often. We always kiss when we get drunk but when she sober she says there is nothing between us. This has been going...
your weird fetish?
Vietnamese dong?
Countries visited?
Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria Outside Europe: Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand
Beer drinkers, come here!
Yeah they all belgian ;)
Beer drinkers, come here!
Belgium has a great range of beers. From normal beers like Jupiler, Stella and Maes. To stronger blond beers like Omer, Duvel, La Chouffe, Karmeliet. And stronger dark beers (not my type personally) l...
Beer drinkers, come here!
Bitch. Belgium beer is where it's at.
Belgium No. 1
Belgian girls are sluts. All of them
Hair during corona
Mine was getting really out of hand too. Shaved the sides with a hair trimmer down to 3cm and then cut all the wild hairs away on the top of my head https://i.imgur.c...
why did we born in this time
Because I'm a traveller, travelled the world and Vietnam is my favorite country. Spent 4 months there in 2017, 1 month already this year and plan to go back as soon as I can. I love it all, from Bun c...
why did we born in this time
BO2 Origins is the best zombies map ever made
why did we born in this time
Try BO2 zombies