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"NBK" meaning ?
Naturaly benched king
Fix Czech Republic scene
Litteraly This team would be so bad Zedko - igl Canine - awper Fredi Monty Frozen / elive Benqi coach
ENCE RANK ?!?!??!!?
What the fuck did you say?
C9 LoL
aleksib to FaZe?
But still NiKo> Allu> Coldzera
Styko new seized?
Intelligent user spotted
MM ranks / Faceit lvls
That you're semi pro have nothing with your rank, lvl or hours played
Shox is the problem
> didnt and wanted > same sentence
FaZe possibilities
I Do. Guardian is on his lowest peek of all time. he was always good even they were quitting tournaments so early even in NaVi but now he just suck. seriously, he suck
FaZe possibilities
they need to keep their major spot. so 3 players have to stay same. whats your opinion then?
Cloud 9
im big astralis fan since team SOLOMID.. biggest device fan since that.. and when they made astralis I loved them even more because of logo.. im so proud of them winning now but astralis fans are canc...
Guess the Pro!
Guess the Pro!
He is kinda slow awper, but he can still somehow manage to get a kill. He is currently struggling in his team. Also country where he is from isn't one of the well known cs countries. Someone is say...
Bro.. A day ago i saw a comment here by UK dumb user who was really toxic and was really hatefull and wrote something really bad about ropz and his father and i was crying. And i don't think he got b...
Someone can forgive you many times.. But if you don't change it won't help. If he change, isn't here a reason to give him one more chance?