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Arent short girls unattractive?
Im 194cm, my gf is 170cm. I dont have any height preferences, the only complaint I have is that I really need to bend my neck to kiss her
Arent short girls unattractive?
You just gotta ask them to relax and start fisting them until its large enough for your ballsack. Most women love being fisted, especially if you close your first
Last time you at mcdonalds
2 days ago. I felt pretty bad after eating it tho, not worthy it. A big tasty costs 32 reais where I live, we have real burgers with 200g unprocessed meat for less than that
lets play a game v2
Is 170 short for a 15 year old?
I was 1.73m at 13/14 yo, I'm 1.96m now
KRIMZ Tattoos?
He can start his own business and not worry about that. There are lots of old people with tattos that are doing great in life. Youre just judging him by his looks
"Who cars"
Gratz mens, will you keep it?
26 degree holy shit
Its 26 here and Im feeling kinda cold
North era !
No need to close it, you're okay to voice your opnion about them as I am to criticize you. Have a great day mate
North era !
At least they are playing the Major while you're making fun of them on your basement hahaha
R8 asses 18+
What a bunch of virgins, thats sad lol
114k watching gaules
I understand English, but I like to watch Gaules stream when Mibr or another Brazilian team plays because they are not narrating the game, he's chatting with his friends about things we can relate to....
I am 198cm
I'm 196cm and 95kg. I'm pretty tall for BR standards, but I like it, the only complaints I have is that even a king-size bed isnt big enough, that I hit my head on the most stupid places and plane/bus...
so fucking sick of losing to dog shit players in matchmaking
Practice your aim on aim_botz for 15 minutes before you play