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Vitality vs Liquid
That didnt age well
ScreaM 0.91KDR in 16maps
I guess your FaceIT level.
4500 19 burger Norway
AWP should be removed
bruh, beeing global means you are in like top 500 000 of all players or some shit, not so impressive, dont call lem high elo, cus it aint
Na`Vi vs FaZe
wich is why they lost mirasge 4/5 times the last 3 months
Na`Vi vs FaZe
you dont think they would pick mirage, wich statistcly is one of faze's worst maps the past 3 months?
KoN Finland vs KoN Norway
if they dont win the entire thing 5 times they are trolling.
new CIS superteam
yes, some1 using nvidia smoke bug in faceitpugs should be in best cis team
50$ on astralis 2-0
"i allready lost my monthly sallary" how do you have a sallary if you aint getting paid? :/
is it just me or has brollan been 16 for the last 2 years
50$ on astralis 2-0
didnt know russia paid 1$ a month, you sure you aint a slave?
Faceit longest win streak
i would love to have whatever you have been smoking, cuz the fact is, from the point where he has a 10 game winningstreak untill he lost a game, he played nothing but 5man premade, (one npl1 game but ...
Faceit longest win streak
cuz this obv isnt him and that acount hasnt played since jannuary of 2017
Faceit longest win streak
det faktum at du sier at han ikke spilte 5man premade en gang er sykt, da kan du faktisk ikke ha sett gjennom matchene hans
Faceit longest win streak
he doesnt play faceit too much either, it took him from around mid june to mid october to win 136 matches, and in comparison a lot of other people play 100+ games a month.