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n0thing joining...
+1 best option for them
Cromen team
Nah I don’t think so But he would be amazing in NRG to replace fugly imo
Tattoo recommendation
your star constilaton
Cromen team
C9 to replace FNS pls
Nt pedo
Yea totally, thanks again man. I am usually there for people when shit like this happens but nobody really comes to me so it’s nice having someone :)
update: just talked to her today about taking a break and trying to get into a better mindset. she wasnt too happy about it but she agreed. I feel like i can breathe again.. ill see after 2 weeks (bre...
What top3 NA should
Tbh for NRG to be closer to top 1 NA all they need to do is -daps +Stan -fugly + good fragger
yea but thats why you have kio in the team. he is debatably the best frech support in the scene and can handle a variety of roles. scream would be replacing bodyy in this lineup. him or amanek would b...
best sensitivity?
1600 dpi 1.2 ingame 1.0 zoom
Top5 players RN
What about shrimp?
Thanks man.. it’s what I needed to read.. I’m gonna try and get help from a counselor or something and then break up with her if nothing else helps.. she tried to help me out last night and it worked ...
FaZe ScreaM
Just a fun fact chill, but he’s probs better off going full time stream
how tho? what is it doing for my life? what am i even doing with my life? #19
its hard when you feel you love her. when she says she loves you too. it is hard. life is hard. i just dont have motivation for much anymore, unfortunately. i feel like others would be better off with...