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eUnited vs Rogue
i didn't say it's good i said it's playable
eUnited vs Rogue
120 ping is playable
NBA Finals
lol sixers won't beat celts
2008 audi for $8000
easy in europe, but i'm not sure about australia
2008 audi for $8000
would honestly say it's a pretty bad deal -180.000 km so far... the costs for repairs now and in near future- unknown -1.8l tfsi engine- bad choice. all other vw tfsi engines are terrible as well (a...
Contract Law
it's all about cleaning the white house
mazda3 mps vw scirocco renault megane rs audi a5 bmw3
USA 9/11
the first 2 official comission reports didn't even bother to mention the implosion of a 226m high building only years later after the nist "investigation" and their report.. sooo
USA 9/11
all i can say is WTC 7 research it and try to understand it if you want to know more about 911
Europe Refugee Crisis
almost all european statistics are horribly wrong and that's 100% intentional. you just need to check the details of each one and find out what they call a "crime". for example some german statistics...
Europe Refugee Crisis
depending on where you are from (but doesn't really matter, because canada is a nato member too) your establishment is directly responsible for whats happening. usa bombing the fuck out of syria and 6...
AVICII ??????????????????????????????????????????????
who cares about your 0/8 baits newfag
AVICII ??????????????????????????????????????????????
why whats wrong with that?
AVICII ??????????????????????????????????????????????
0/8 bait glad he‘s dead
PUBG Items
rip to all ppl who put their skins on op skins or similar. this is so idiotic i don't have words for it. you can sell even steam cards on op, what they expected here? lol. i always thought their media...