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only because of drops, no one is playing it anymore
10/10 girl Russian
this is 10/10 girl https://www.twitch.tv/djhenney
Your 3 saddest Csgo memories?
1. vp losing to tier 437823463478563248 teams in 2017-2018 and still no disband, they lost my respect back then
Valorant: Good & Bad
maybe, I never played 1.6 so I don't know
ayken, aunkere etc.
I guess its new hltv meme
all this FPL drama!
they should give everyone a reason why they kick them because people don't even know what they did wrong and what they need to improve, personally I think many of these players were much better than s...
all this FPL drama!
Valorant: Good & Bad
I guess ranked games will solve a lot of issues, people will tryhard more a the games will be more exciting, they should also open beta access to everyone before running ranked, so that there is no si...
Valorant: Good & Bad
reading the comments you can see that this mmr works very poorly, but thanks for confirmation, I've never had lvl 10 faceit but at my level (lem / lvl 5 faceit) communication in csgo was incomparably ...
Valorant: Good & Bad
how do you know there is such thing as mmr in valorant at all? is there any official confirmation? I know they are going to run ranking system in beta but I haven't heard them start it yet, recently h...
Valorant: Good & Bad
now it looks a little better than at the beginning, I have been playing since day one of the closed beta and during first week there was no communication at all, now often 2-3 people in the team have ...
ayken exposed FPL
I used to watch a lot of FPL games and I remember Ayken as someone who stood out and often carry the game, he was really good imo, always 1-3 pick, he also never had a problem with communication and w...