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Half of my friends say I am a psychopath, half say I am autistic. None of them is a psychiatrist.
Forum posts
INTZ honestly
kng doens't need redemption, he needs a ban
Which language do you hate the most?
I hate how most Brazilian casters are always trying to speak in a theatrical manner. Apart from that, I don't have anything against any language. Written Finnish and Turkish look funny though
girl help 18+
casual is better cuz of instant respawn
it's going the be the ex-envyus guys since thy have no org anymore
stew IMT shirt
he did say on twitter that we would have a surprise today
Unlikeable team
the worst thing about the current North is how they haven't kicked aizy yet. Apart from that, the really dislikable part of that team is on Optic rn
i guess your mm rank
I was LE until a few hours ago, I'm LEM now pretty good
i guess your mm rank
hours GO/1.6/SOURCE: 1.5k fav team: vp fav player: pasha mouse: logitech g402
if SK becomes mibr
why put so much effort in such a bad b8?
The worst cs players names
juliano (makes you think she's a guy) ps: while we are at it, can we all stop calling steelega "br steel"? I hate when Liquid plays Torqued and the casters keep saying "Canadian Steel" and "Brazilian...
The worst cs players names
I was going to say that
The worst cs players names
the problem with the nick draken is not even Draken's fault, it's how some casters/analysts pronounce it
Who is be the awp of SK now?
Fallen will probably need to become some sort of support player in order to make a team like this work
Better team than SK
he was the igl during the pgl major