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good guy, bad english.
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Most evil pro?
Why? Ropz iż kool
PiS wins
I'm whatever... Every body knows before. Last years wasnt bad. Lets stop taking about this.
-snax + not toxic igl with expirience or... Change the name. I want to remember another vp
HLTV users who don't play cs
I have 200 h i played loooong time ago but now i dont play but I Love wayching matches...few years ago i whtched football and now cs took 99% of thime for football matches.
Latvia and Lithuania explain
I found biggest scandal. Mayby. Help me please. Country named Ni ge r ia have over 200 000 000 poplation. In this scenario how many players they should have. And... where da fork they are? Who kidn...
This is how perfection looks like
I'm very disapoitment. Breaking Bad is best serial ever... 100 % right. I just tought it will be perfect woman... but.. yes. this is perfection too;)
Virtus Pro
To choose right offensive stereotypes when they are loosing in debate.... ;) I dont like when from 200 answers 190 is always the same, boring, texts... I dont care. If somebody on internet wants to ...
Virtus Pro
who cares about name and flags?
Virtus Pro
+1 for nickname :)
Virtus Pro
in 2013 VP wants just good players...polish 5 it was good choice. fast won major, next years always top 10, legendary players, pasha with his popularity... hungry snax and angry bialko... excelent mo...
I'm from city: "Spawn on Nuke"
FaZe no hope
home for ex-Superstars ? right, but how to become ex-superstar. Be a superstar and join FaZe. olof was supergood when sign FaZe, but Niko was T1 Superstar half milion S cost... FaZe ruin players a bi...
Most loved players in CSGO
TaZ won DH Las Vegaz for VP in mega important clutch 1vs2 (or 3 mayby) mirage vs SK... and You're right next epic play from TaZ was almost 2 years later... on overpass as Kinguin player. In game he ...
guys help me
good time for vacation... for few days... but... serouslly ... i red this "I live in california usa", and thought... this guy dont need help at all. mayby if he is movie star and his sextape is on ...
Most loved players in CSGO
about old vp... why pasha and neo? ofc... i dont like snax, taz cant by most loved but i still like him. Neo is nice guy, nice and boring. Pasha... funny once, twice, but how many times You can hear ...