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Just a guy on the internet that used play Battlefield

Started to come here because of fox back in 2016

Learned he was mediocre

Saw shox, s1mple and cold

Got immensly adicted to cs

Stayed for the random shit and good CS :)
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indeed sad he left optic but glad he´s in a better place nowadays (nrg)
-Ethan +who?
him cerq and brehze are clearly not the reason for their crap results check with mr snake and mr content instead
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
looks pretty damm good That being said rip Triumph (also I would prob give this lineup more time) Also signing curry as a 6th player to loan out could be a good shout out
Dumau x latto
if you really think stats say the all story then i dunno what to tell you Also it´s rather weird these good players haven´t won anything relevant since 2018...
Dumau x latto
I agree on why the changes failed. Related to KngV it´s true that his swift to 1st AWP was rough however i think that he didn´t get enough time to establish himself in that role. As for Fallen he is s...
Dumau x latto
SK/Mibr haven´t won anything relevant in years so something must have gone to shit in these recent years. Coldzera? After his slump he left and now looks good again. Weird... TACO? Never was much good...
Dumau x latto
neither as seen by adding an unproven talent (meyern) who also had nutty numbers in a lower tier Mibr´s problems go much deeper than that either a disband is due or a mostly new squad My version of M...
New England Whalers vs blood, sweat, and tears
xotic to continue playing as viking neat
overlord is pretty damm good or tanya the evil if you want dark shit
Juggernauts vs pro100
the odds in this match make it quite enticing to go juggernauts player per player juggernauts should have an edge however Yekindar is a beast (the best player by far in the server) and has been poppin...
NEWS 12.12.19
Thanks Mr Tagesschau
caster tier list
she´s good however her ties to esl and her extreme rotation between other games meant she always felt as a bit of an outsider to the scene. Her play by play and banter were good but it always felt li...
caster tier list
i would put him as a tier for sure at least he was quite unfortunate with his casting partners (dust is beyond garbage) as such is potencial was quite limited (also he´s for sure better than sado)