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Just a guy on the internet

Started to come here because of fox

Learned he was mediocre

Saw shox,s1mple and cold

Got immensly adicted to cs

Stayed for the random shit and good CS :)
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Vega Squadron vs Sharks
i dont watch the pro scene
the end is upon us
OpTic vs fnatic
agreed on the overrated prospect now. In a age of young superstars, it`s normal that one fails to keep evolving. In Fragsters, he seemed quite good but i now know understand that those performances mo...
OpTic vs fnatic
roster moves are def not gonna happen considering the situation optic as a org is in. It´s a shame how underwhelming the squad is but the trio of Konfig, niko and snappi ( somehow he is performing now...
rip OpTic Gaming org
don´t worry man your fandom and that of many others is the reason i know 100% optic will make it out of this one. What it will become after this i cannot say however i think the brand is strong enough...
rip OpTic Gaming org
the likely scenario is that the immortal sale continues. Hecz likely wants to veto it but he no longer controls the company so his hands are tied. Once Immortals take all the assets it wants (LCS spot...
rip OpTic Gaming org
that would be quite a good solution and i know hecz would do an awesome job managing optic. He has some experience after all :)
rip OpTic Gaming org
seems like a dumb move on paper however seems to fit the massive expansion plan immortals has been going. Optic is far from what it was(in the clan time) however it still is one of the most well known...
lineups u miss
wtf just happned with the scoreboard
Athletico vs Justice
good luck falcon doubt that will be enough to beat online god chelleos
FrenchFrogs vs ex-Fragsters
loses support from org still uses their name in all matches without getting anything logic?
INTZ vs Cloud9
m. night shyamalan plot twist
Spain VS Portugal
algarve mainstream is shit but ilhas de faro (farol etc) is still damm good
music for studying?
depends on the type of study. some subjets you need full concentration where only classical musical is somewhat advisable