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Me, foolxd1, 4chan user, reddit user and lithuanian silver.
worst city in your country??
Sorry but I prefer to trust Vice than JP or any right-wing dum-dumb news channel.
worst city in your country??
No, he isn't. Don't even compare him to Denmark best because he isn't even close. He get some unnecessary flak though as North isn't tier 3 or anything less than a ordinary team.
HLTV Ranking: 17th
HLTV Ranking: 18th
I rate your phone
old and gay
I rate your phone
u smart
Top 5 rappers
Lil Pump, Wiz Khalifa, Big Shaq, Rae Sremmund are better than this old shit from 2pac, he need to release new shit and then someday he can come back to top10
Fixing North is easy as fuck
-aizy +MSL k0nfig do shit, cajun main shit, he is comfortable with it. aizy will go back to his shithole and msl will be able to pay for hair products.
[16+] Best/worst country to live in
He can't show the crime rate because there isn't nobody to calculate it on fucking BRUNEI
FaZe vs North
2016 most overhyped team against 2017 most overhyped team. Well, at least the 2017 one has some reason to get hype.
Eternal vs JMD
They're playing on elephants, indian are ridiculous and couldn't be diffent with indian cs.
Fox no handshake
Who would like to touch Fox though?
Brazil is bad but India is ridiculous shit, not only the country but that bunch of indians retards. And well, I would prefer to go to Brazil than any country in Africa.