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Help to choose, boys
If you play cs:go only its ok but for other more demanding game 1050ti will be pretty bad
Help to choose, boys
No gpu or are you going to use your old 1050ti? Then in that case go with option 1, because 1050ti is a weak gpu and will be a huge bottleneck for ryzen 5 5600x and for i3 to.
ghub sucks
Im using GPX so i dont have that problem, red light when low battery <25% and i can see when its fully charged.
ghub sucks
Yeah it sucks but why do you keep it? Configure your mouse and delete it
Microsoft buys Blizzard
Everything but WoW i guess, hard to believe they would include game sub for WoW.
Do you like driving?
Nah its just to take me from a to b, i dont really have fun nor do i drive for fun with these crazy gas prices in this shit country
What CPU to pick?
What are you going to do with pcie 5.0 literally nothing supports it at the moment and its going to take a while before its mainstream? DDR5 is not the meta yet and price to performance its a horrible...
What CPU to pick?
By 5 fps in 1080p and a massive 2fps in 1440p, game changer for sure. Now look at a mid range cpu section 12600k vs ryzen 5 5600x and the difference is pretty big.
What CPU to pick?
Ok show me a benchmark where intel beats amd in cs:go Not a fanboy of any brand, been using intel until 2021.
What CPU to pick?
Most new games do... unless you want do be cpu bottlenecked this aint 2015 buddy
What CPU to pick?
And also the best mid range cpu paired with good memory the performance is unmatched, crushes intel especially in cs:go.