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Gay Test
I'm wearing socks, get fucked
rip china gamers?
I mean having some guidelines for spending money on cosmetics is probably a good idea but the rest of that is absolute bollocks
Are you handsome?
Best frag vids
Someone already put Annihilation 2 so Imma go with this:
british in mm
Never played with a toxic brit. Maybe you're the toxic one? nt men))
best headphones?
Headsets are personal preference, I have BeyerDynamic DT 990 Pros right now, used to use a pair of Audio Technica ATH-20X's. I'd look around on different channels and see what they use and reccomend M...
best headphones?
Get some actual headphones and a seperate mic. Gaming headsets are pretty trash.
AWP Nerf ideas
Despite the fact that you have comments on this thread from 4 months ago? k.
AWP Nerf ideas
4 months to think of an insult and all you can think of is that? I feel sorry for you mate.
Shroud actually racist???
have you seen his twitter? it's obviously hacked
m- word banned ?
They can't ban mens))) forever
your first fps?
Medal of Honor: Frontline on PS2, probably would have been 3. If you don't count that, probably World at War whenever that came out on PS3.
Girl Problem
idk where you are but that's legal here, if a bit weird. See where the night takes you man, don't go there planning to ask her out, but if you hit it off you might as well say how you feel. Good luck ...
oily skin
Showers almost every day are really shit for your skin and hygeine. With UK weather 3 showers a week is normal.
relationship with your dad
He wants the best but can get pissed off pretty easily. Much more accepting of stuff than he appears on the surface. I've got the anger issues and alcoholism down for him though so it ain't all bad.