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rent free
Major best Esports tournament ever
Haven't been keeping up with the situation, what are the odds that a crowd is allowed?
sdy accusing skade??
Im pretty sure he's just straight up congratulating them
Home gym
Two bags of rocks and some rope. Rope is $10, you can get the rocks from the ground
The Office, Breaking Bad, Avengers
Same here, Ive heard some people say it wasn't their kind of show but no one said it was outright bad
The Office, Breaking Bad, Avengers
Honestly most anime sucks and most movies / tv shows suck, just need to find the good ones (and yes btw the office and breaking bad are good)
The Office, Breaking Bad, Avengers
Entertainment == no job I guess 99% of Americans are unemployed
Covid vaccinations by state
For everyone that wants to read the article, do the following: Go into the developer console (F12 or right click and inspect element) Click on settings (top right) Scroll down and click disable jav...
Id say pretty soon. Many T1 orgs already have a solid valorant team set in place. It's getting to the point where T1 CS players can still probably easily switch, but if a T2-T3 player would switch he ...
NA come
Yeah I dont get all this stuff. >HAHA NA bad, go back to valulrant with all that sponsorship money
Liquid out in group stage
Damn, you're telling me that at a tournament that features 16 teams including all of the top 10 teams in the world, liquid, ranked number 15, didn't make the top 6?
what should i watch tomorrow?