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what are you talking about lol the problem today is too much regulation, it's so much harder for ordinary people to create new businesses and that favors the already big companies we need more capita...
the options are still different
just some crappy episode about a womens
Breakfast with Bubbles (Day 1)
butter and jam is even better
Breakfast with Bubbles (Day 1)
the egg is pretty boring, you should try deep-frying it
Breakfast with Bubbles (Day 1)
0/8 it's a healthy ordinary breakfast
he just pointed out the obvious and then you and the homosexual started crying
Lunar eclipse Hoax
you only think that because you are assuming the earth is a ball and therefore think you somehow know the proportions globurists resorting to insults when they can't explain their views, nothing new t...
Lunar eclipse Hoax
yes i know i will see more of the sun the higher up i am during a sunset, i don't know how you think this is proving your ball earth theory
Lunar eclipse Hoax
of course you will see farther the higher up you are, there will be less terrain and particles in the air to obstruct your view
Your country in your language
what would you do
finnish people
This is an international site, please write you comment in American. Comments in another language will be deleted.
Your country in your language
hungary top 1 prime minister eu
Your country in your language
sounds delicious
Lunar eclipse Hoax
make fun all you want you have no way of proving your ball earth theory