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whats ur elo?
5k mmr
Is Jonty a liar?
you're literally jonty moron.. and it's pathetic how hard you're trying
Is Jonty a liar?
i'm talking about you moron
Is Jonty a liar?
fake and gay
Is Jonty a liar?
Get a life jonty, making an alt to try and validate yourself is fucking dumb and pathetic
Python3 vs C++
python3 = easy, fast to write and more structured but slow c++= harder to learn but faster
i'm going to cut my dick..
why dota2>csgo?
pro scene is much more competitive too and icefrog isn't afraid to make big changes to shakeup meta
we dota now boys
why dota2>csgo?
pro scene in dota is very superior to csgo csgo doesn't evne come close, and i'm not even talking about money. Competition in dota is much better, and you don't see the same teams dominate shit forev...
why dota2>csgo?
lmao from 7.08 the chance of getting a russian in ur team is very slim
why dota2>csgo?
dota isn't exactly better either, iused to think the same but then when i started playing again i saw the reality. It's just a little bit better than cs there's some heroes that has been left out for...
why dota2>csgo?
haven't had a russian in my team since like 7.08, language matters more in mm now
About HR
this team reminds of mouz, they're def better than the old mouz, but they still have a long way to go however its undeniable, they are progressing and it's a good thing, icould see them in tier1.5 i...
Israel shoots 773 Palestinians.
I've been drinkin' on champagne, shit go to my head I can't forget your name, (oh wait) how could I forget? You say you got a man, I'll make him a regret It's loud as fuck in this basement, she ask me...