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Vega Squadron vs AVANGAR
390$ :) on 2nd map now all in 600$ :) love throw
Vega Squadron vs AVANGAR
i bet on vega 2nd map they threw from 9 3 to 15 9 haha,now i bet avangar 3rd map they lost every possible clucth and everey luck goes in favor of Vega :) I freaking love my luck
Heroic vs Tricked
ez heroic :)) hahah
AVANGAR vs eXtatus
kids.extatus is trowing its so fkcing obvious...their ct is really good,they would get 10 5 for them if they didnt throw..
AVANGAR vs eXtatus
ahhahahahaha avangar giving fake hope :)) to betters..hahaha
AVANGAR vs eXtatus
ahahhahahaha what a throw..omg...and they dont gonna get banned..ahahahhaahha...COACH ahhahahahaha avangar ahahahhahahaha
AVANGAR vs eXtatus
Typical throw.yesterday win 2 1 vs f3 now cannot win against coach.. Why dont ban this kz trowers/
Heroic vs Gambit
gambit forfeit money
eXtatus vs PRIDE
minise bot. 1 2 11 when i but it always happens
thank you throwsent u fkcing moron denis and znajder go ...disband..please
Grayhound vs Kings
prakM planted the bomb (2on0) Round over - Winner: T (8-11) - Enemy eliminated Gratisfaction killed Sico with awp Cyanide. joined the game prakM killed wizard with ak47 (headshot) Gratisfaction killed...
Grayhound vs Kings
Sico killed erkaSt with usp_silencer (headshot) erkaSt killed emagine with inferno emagine killed bURNRUOk++++++ with usp_silencer (headshot) wizard killed prakM with usp_silencer (headshot) Sico kill...
Cloud9 vs Luminosity
0 19,bro just forget this and try to go 1 19 next time GL Tho it will be hard. HLTV add betting on NEKIZ to get 2 kills..i know odds will be big
Cloud9 vs Luminosity
chelo is god :D
Renegades vs G2
Jks fkcing disband u fkcing moron