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Skin prices.
just keep :)-ing
Skin prices.
F :(
Skin prices.
I sold those quite a while ago on Bitskins, when they still supported PayPal transfers. I believe you can still cash out via various cryptocurrencies or a bank transfer, provided you verify your ident...
Skin prices.
+1 sadly Most notably, I sold a Butterfly Rust Coat for $140 (bought $110; now worth $400) and an M4A4 Poseidon for $220 (bought $200; now worth $1,000) :)!
for OBS/streamlabs
Pasta or pizza
do you like eggs?
You, too, Mr Jonty.
do you like eggs?
Ahh, I'm just a lurker is all; it took me many years to even make an account on here and a couple more thereafter to start commenting. I've been well, though, just trying to get on with life in these ...
faceit free
Honestly, my initial experience in premium was worse than in free. Sure, your team is more likely to actually communicate, but I consistently bumped into boosters in premium. In free there are smurfs,...
stop falling for obvious baits
a tad disappointed because I thought this would be a bait xd
do you like eggs?
the "trash", Jonty?!
which game u watch?
+1 and bits of NaVi v TeamOne in the gaps, always curious to see what NaVi shows up
Life in England?
The UK can be very nice, but it really depends on where you go as there are some shitholes (especially some cities). I think the primary reason to move to the UK, aside from work-related reasons, is i...
weapon balance atm
I agree. Nerf the Deagle to no longer two-hit kill and, in turn, make it a little more accurate (regarding counter-strafing accuracy, not greater accuracy while spamming).