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Democrats and free speech
It is specifically tied to hitlerian politics 'cause those evolved far enough from facism to categorize 'em different you dumb fuck. You study shit not Political Science, you don't understand it or ...
Democrats and free speech
You dumb mofo... you broke your leg before run even started. Facism != hitler... hitler was nazi (NATIONAL SOCIALISM), italy was facist. And you dare to say things like #72. #59 towards others lmao. F...
'Cause subliminally you're afriad he's be right bout it. Welcome to psychology.
Thank you too for the small chit-chat. Would be much more interesting if i could put all my thoughts into words 'cause my grammar sucks donkey's ass. On the other hand i hope it wasn't such pain to d...
1st, 2nd, 3rd check, agreed, etc - skip. "I don't get what you are trying to say with black people living in huts for so long and what is proves?" - Ohh, sure you got this one but you called it diffe...
Look at it from different perspective pal. By the time whites conquered murica, blacks were living in huts made of shit and dirt. By the time we've been having huge wars all over the europe, blacks we...
What a smart boy, here come, have a cookie :3
18+ i like a grill
So you say she lives one floor below you..? Then i got a solution
cant go on workshop map
then you have to find a dedicated server //solved //close
can you tell ur shit is black/white? if it's white then i'd call it a miracle, if it's black i'd see a doc (if i were u)
Right Wing RISING
that's socialism at it's finest
nice link bro... not even the match i took a screenshot from xD he did hit a double 0/15... 0/15 half vs Fnatic and 0/15 half vs xaxaxaxaxa TRUE GOAT
Right Wing RISING
ya know mid is even worse? it's like you start on t side and there is always one moron who randomly goes mid to take a long range fight glock vs usp and he gets 1tapped
It's actually funny when 0/15 country makes fun of 0/18 country. In case you forgot...