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AGO vs Spirit
Round over - Winner: CT (15-17) - Bomb defused COLDYY1 defused the bomb COLDYY1 killed GruBy with m4a1 GruBy killed Dima with ak47 Dima killed Furlan with m4a1 (headshot) COLDYY1 killed snatchie with ...
AGO vs Spirit
Round over - Winner: CT (15-16) - Bomb defused S0tF1k defused the bomb S0tF1k killed GruBy with m4a1 (headshot) S0tF1k killed Furlan with m4a1 GruBy killed DavCost with ak47 (headshot) Furlan killed C...
PRIDE vs Valiance
Space Soldiers vs mousesports
Round over - Winner: CT (3-2) - Enemy eliminated STYKO killed Calyx with ump45 (headshot) Calyx killed chrisJ with ak47 chrisJ killed MAJ3R with m4a1_silencer MAJ3R killed suNny with ak47 (headshot) o...
guardian transformation
from healthy to dangerously overweight
Liquid vs Vega Squadron
well deserved 1) they did to liquid 2) they had 30 min timeout right when liquid started winning
Liquid vs Vega Squadron
when will liquid get to use their 30 min timeout?
Liquid vs Vega Squadron
take 30 minutes long pause to calm liquid down nice
Vega top 8 of the world
nah, final will be tyloo vs 100T
liquid throw
Liquid vs Vega Squadron
well, they have n e v e r been a decent team pretty sure even their biggest result is beating virtus pro in 2017
Vega Squadron vs G2
12 - 1 12 - 7 well thats one way to rip -4,5
study or major ???
i have deadlines on all the undone work for today evening ,but fuck it, i ll just make some shit up and watch majors
Misfits vs Space Soldiers ezzzz
1) be over 18 2) dont use skins to gamble / scammy sites