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NiP vs G2
easy +3,5, nip doesnt have the firepower to play t side
eUnited vs fnatic
eUnited vs fnatic
Round over - Winner: CT (0 - 1) - Bomb defused FNS defused the bomb Xizt killed moose with glock (headshot) FNS killed Brollan with usp_silencer (headshot) Brollan killed dapr with glock (headshot)...
Vitality vs x6tence Galaxy
>lootbetcup >rogged pick both
Cloud9 vs NiP easy -3,5
FaZe vs Astralis why is it always you 3 causing the trouble?
Cloud9 vs NiP
f0rest pistol god 11-6
Ghost vs Kinguin
cMoonN plZ lose now taz
Ghost vs Kinguin why so easy 2,5
Ghost vs Kinguin
Round over - Winner: T (13 - 12) - Enemy eliminated reatz killed neptune with ak47 neptune killed MINISE with m4a1 (headshot) MINISE killed Wardell with hegrenade neptune killed mouz with m4a1 mou...
Ghost vs Kinguin
plz gimme +2,5 taz
Luminosity vs Renegades
AZR killed HEN1 with ak47 (headshot) AZR killed yeL with ak47 (headshot) AZR killed LUCAS1 with ak47 (headshot) AZR killed NEKIZ with ak47 (headshot) Round started almost as good as #11
Envy vs eUnited
Envy Envy Train 0% 3 maps eUnited eUnited 64% 11 maps
Luminosity vs Renegades
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 9) - Enemy eliminated jkaem killed yeL with mag7 jks killed steel with fiveseven Gratisfaction killed LUCAS1 with awp AZR killed NEKIZ with cz75a Gratisfaction kille...
eUnited vs Envy
ah, the classic +3,5 fix