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Top 5 never won major
if you want to hear 5 guys who will never win major (not 2 future - what I said before): draken oscar k0nfig JuGi XANTARES Guardian
Top 5 never won major
SK won't win 2 future majors bcs it will be easy tournament for Astralis/Liquid or others (not NAVI/SK/FaZe/mouz)
Top 5 never won major
NiKo, Guardian, draken, oscar, coldzera (just 20.05.2018 +2 majors)
FaZe vs mousesports
Round over - Winner: T (14-13) - Target bombed NiKo killed oskar with m4a1 oskar killed rain with awp rain killed ropz with m4a1 oskar killed Xizt with awp ropz planted the bomb (2on3) ropz killed kar...
Singularity vs AVANGAR
Round over - Winner: CT (14-3) - Enemy eliminated BENDJI killed dimasick with cz75a dimasick killed HugoXD with ak47 HugoXD killed qikert with fiveseven BARBARR killed Jame with cz75a (headshot) BARBA...
AVANGAR vs Imperial
Round over - Winner: CT (5-3) - Enemy eliminated nukkye killed KrizzeN with ak47 nukkye killed buster with ak47 nukkye killed Jame with ak47 KrizzeN killed nexa with ak47 Jame killed TENZKI with p250 ...
compLexity vs The Pioneers
not me, but people in my city
compLexity vs The Pioneers
no... it's too high for Russians... just say ty, mr. Putin for 277$ salary :)
compLexity vs The Pioneers
just about 400$. not many for my bank, but enough... 100$ - express and near 300$ on compLexity - 2nd place on ESL One qual.
compLexity vs The Pioneers
bet vs. tier3 american team by express on x14.02.
Vexed vs Radix
Okay, Vexed. If you see this message - you must know: you are #2 team in UK (sorry, but Epsilon are way better), but you have great potential to become tier2 team. Thank you for that odd and good luck...
Vexed vs Radix
oookay... if they will mirage and/or bo3 seria - they are GODs of UK scene bcs of this comeback
Vexed vs Radix
he's man (I don't believe it too)
Vexed vs Radix
I bet on KQLY.... so... I'm watching UK cs and believe trashers will win
SS tier?
Tier 1 online Tier 2 at LAN