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A new name for MiBR
I was sent wrongly, in the middle of 2 ideas, and just sound racist, my bad
A new name for MiBR
It's just a name, doesn't matter who play there, I could make a name Made in Africa and be american, got the idea?
lost all respect
If the players was just loyal like you, they wouldn't need to reinvent theirself. But the most players aren't like you, they need something else. You are a CS person, the others are just gamers, the...
lost all respect
I know the community doesn't need it, but would u play something that is all the same for years? Someone can be very loyal for a game, but when something outside the door seems to be interesting and h...
lost all respect
And yes, it's all about money. I guarantee if CS would make they lost money, and they can't do anything to stop this, they definitely would drop off the game
lost all respect
Idk man, try to think in an other way. CS got stagnant, after years, it was just boring, all the same, and nowadays the players need something to catch them, just the normal game was getting bored, an...
I'm moving to overwatch
Who cares bro? We hope u never come back
You can see our future looking at some comments over here. They are supporting a dictatory, a facist. Man, we are so in trouble. RIP democracy
Top 10 Teams Fix
Hahahahhaha mibr was the best
S1mple fake top 1
You just spoke shit: the best aimer in the game is the best player? What the hell did u take this? If cs was just aim, this game would be dead years ago
draken owned by s1mple.
What? I didn't get your joke
I give you 10$
He's 20, i just saw it, dammmmn it
I give you 10$
Juice WLRD
Best team destroyers
U have the best nickname ever
Best team destroyers
I think s1mple works, if u put an other player instead of him, NaVi would become a tier2