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r8 my pick'em
they removed the update for intel because of smoke bug gotta wait more for a new update ig tomorrow
-gla1ve +MSL
Xizt to FaZe?
i dont see other reason why flusha "got benched" fnatic didnt kick him, he probably wanted to step back because he is in talkings with someone
Xizt to FaZe?
nah flusha might join them, xizt wont leave fnatic
Xizt to FaZe?
he said "i think time has come" as a ritual he said it 3 times in group stages and they qualified and same against astralis hoping they can win xD xizt tweet is just cuz he played with those guys as ...
thats my prediction for the final and i think liquid will win it
no, they are qualified for the next majore new challenger stage and they will face in the 1st game 2nd placed team from a minor (europe/na/asia/cis) mousesports and winstrike gotta play in the minor ...
nip draws
no, i said best ranked teamS. 1. astralis 2. navi 3. mouz 4. liquid 6. mibr only faze missing to play against them so
nip draws
what do u mean astralis liquid navi mousesports mibr are not enough for u ? if north wouldve made the major nip couldve got the whole top7 easy
nip draws
if they do i just pray they will play complexity to get lucky finally i wont be mad if they get liquid or someone else from 3-1 pool they will have a chance against any ig.
tbh international 2018 (dota) got a great system if csgo would make something like this will be 2 groups of 8, top4 from each goes upperbracket, bottom4 goes lower bracket. so that means another chanc...
700$ on faze
lmao u couldve got max 600 brotha
major swiss bo3 please
if u win ur map pick ofc is possible lol if it was a bo1, the decider map from a bo3 should be played.