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Life is too short
Dude I'm also waiting. Don't keep your brother hanging here
Turkey Solution
is this a final solution to the turkish problem?
Germany islam attack again
Fascism was pretty much a corpocratic system when it comes to the economy. Nazi economy was centrally planned, same as the communist one. The bridge between fascism and nazism in ideological terms is ...
Polish "culture"
You do know that actually gypsies came from India, and that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are literally the same genepool, just different religions which divided the ppl right? I mean, you would know...
calorie times?
OK, so why virtually ALL good workout diets are comprised of 4-5 meals and dieticians recommend it? I guess educated ppl know less than a random hltv guy
calorie times?
It's better to eat 4-5 meals a day, but smaller portions. Any dietician would recommend you that, since your body will function way better, you will be less hungry, your muscles will function better, ...
Dating older woman?
fair enough
Huawei new OS
they've worked on this OS for the past 5 years, so no wonder it's almost finished
oddshot plz :|
ur city is known for?
one of the most beautiful city halls in Europe
kids with expensive shit!
funny, cuz I've just switched to iqos kek
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
Maybe try looking for her in some videos. If she's not there, you can sleep tight
kids with expensive shit!
only cigs bro
Detective Pikachu
Damn bro I dunno, I've seen all the emails from the wikileaks page and all the weird shit in Podestas house. I mean dude had paintings of children in weird context, other dude posted instagram photos ...
Detective Pikachu
Yeah man I also think that it's just a rush for money, and I really hope that someday the tide will turn. But for now I can at least have something to bitch about :D BTW, that's basically the same thi...