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Best org for major?
[+18] girl murdered
[+18] girl murdered
Students KILLED and RAPED in Bangladesh because of peaceful protests
Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990
story about this summer (yes i have autism)
top5 worst aimers
+1 for HWML
top5 worst aimers
By that logic, the best aimer would be the best players, which isn't true. Apex has very good, snappy aim, but G2 had really bad team play so he played pretty poorly. Shroud had some of the best aim i...
cola or pepsi
What kinda fucking soap do you use?
device - #1 top 20 HLTV 2018?
No titles for fnatic? They won Wesg and IEM Katowice
I don't know why he'd ban you when you're so nice!
A lot of the players are pretty good at separating friendships from business. I'm sure if it is -steel, they're still going to be friends/friendly with each other cause it's only business.
one day with stewie (or one day without TACO)
Same thing pretty much. Once they get a permanent 5th give them a month or two and you'll see whether or not they can succeed or not. Basically you'll see their potential. It might take a little bit l...
one day with stewie (or one day without TACO)
They were clearly pugging it out today, probably using the games as practice tbh. I usually give teams 1-2 months to get into the swing of things, so maybe 2 LANs. Hard to tell how they're doing after...
Stewie laugh thread
Possibly one of the worst moved they couldve done, rip 2 week era